How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 16 2007

''Be that ___ may . . .'' ASIT
''Hardy Boys'' character CHET
''Sands of ___ Jima'' IWO
''So that's how it is!'' AHA
''This is only ___'' ATEST
''You ___ Beautiful'' (Joe Cocker hit) ARESO
Adderley of jazz NAT
Advertising catchword FREE
African republic EGYPT
Asia's ___ Peninsula MALAY
Atomic number 55 CESIUM
Avian compartment? PIGEONHOLE
Avoid deliberately SHUN
Bad thing to be under ARREST
Bewitch HEX
Board sticker DART
Boat for felines? CATAMARAN
Bovine breathing aid? OXYGENMASK
Brat's Christmas present COAL
Brown shade SEPIA
Bygone time YORE
Call a turkey? PAN
Calyx parts SEPALS
Canine doctrinaire? DOGMATIST
Climbing palms of Sri Lanka RATTANS
Commercial cat name MORRIS
Creation at the Creation MAN
Danes of ''Shopgirl'' CLAIRE
Decade divs. YRS
Eastwood of ''Unforgiven'' CLINT
Enjoys home cooking, e.g. EATSIN
Fashion issue ELLE
Fiber source BRAN
Firewood amount, often ARMFUL
Formerly called NEE
Forum attire TOGA
Fowl areas COOPS
Greek city-state POLIS
Height, to a basketball player, e.g. ASSET
Hops hot spot OAST
Hover over LOOM
Hrs. on the 90th meridian CST
Isn't up SLEEPS
It may be under a coat SEALANT
It may stop a runaway WHOA
Knighted Guinness ALEC
Legendary Giant, Mel OTT
Like Letterman's pet tricks STUPID
Lincoln Logs competitor LEGO
Member of the familia TIA
Muumuu accessory LEI
Notable curtain material? IRON
Of long standing OLD
Oil cartel letters OPEC
Play money? ANTE
Poker type STUD
Pond growths ALGAE
Quick cut SNIP
Restrain by judicial order ENJOIN
Root holders SCALPS
Silent actress Nita NALDI
Some corporate jets LEARS
Some Toyotas CAMRYS
Stats for cleanup hitters RBIS
Symbols of bondage YOKES
Their songs are in ''Mamma Mia!'' ABBA
Therefore ERGO
Thin, plain-weave fabric BATISTE
Tilting matches between knights JOUSTS
Tropical fruit PAPAYA
Unsuitable INAPT
Up-coming link AND
Uses a tuffet, e.g. SITS
Very small amounts TADS
Where some skeletons are kept CLOSET
Wife of Nick Charles NORA
Workout targets ABS
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