How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 12 2010

"Good!" in Genoa BENE
"No ___ luck!" SUCH
"Thanks ___!" ALOT
"The Enemy Below" threat UBOAT
"___ Miss Brooks" OUR
"___ showtime!" ITS
Anchored in the harbor MOORED
Ardent desires YENS
Awake and aware ALERT
Ballerina's attire TUTU
Bar mitzvah boy, just barely TEEN
Black-___ Susan EYED
Blood-classification syst. ABO
Cave, in literature GROT
Comers' opposites GOERS
Curry herb CUMIN
Dog-___ (like some used books) EARED
Earthy pigments OCHERS
Engage in histrionics HAMITUP
Entire theater company ENSEMBLE
Fermentation sediments LEES
Fireplace shelf MANTEL
Freelance writers' encls. SASES
Get some shuteye HITTHEHAY
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Grave-robbing demon GHOUL
Had a bite ATE
Heir to a throne SCION
Hitched WED
Hurts a lot SMARTS
Ice cream shop drink FLOAT
Instrument in hillbilly bands JUG
It may be found with a magnifying glass CLUE
Jeff's cohort, in comics MUTT
Keep time, in a way CLAP
Kenya tribesman MASAI
Kind of park or restaurant THEME
Kiss rocker Simmons GENE
Loving touches CARESSES
News clipping ITEM
Noah's construction project ARK
Out of bed RISEN
Parts that go in vases STEMS
Pipe tobacco has a strong one AROMA
Plants used in lotions ALOES
Polygraphist's detection LIE
Promising words? OATHS
Providers of life lessons HARDKNOCKS
Put in a pen, maybe EMBAR
Requirements of etiquette or custom FORMALITIES
Runner-up to a tortoise HARE
Salacious material SMUT
Scandal location in a Sherlock Holmes title BOHEMIA
Sea direction ALEE
Self-defense with a kick? KARATE
Shift, tab or caps lock KEY
Ski straight downhill SCHUSS
Slays, slangily OFFS
Snake's warning HISS
Stone monument STELE
Supports for laths and drywall STUDS
Surgery instrument CURETTE
Sylvester, to Tweety Bird TAT
They may get high in Vegas STAKES
Tiny bit IOTA
Trash boat, e.g. SCOW
Tree-rings indication AGE
Trial and tribulation WOE
Triple ___ (orange liqueur) SEC
Unit of length equal to 1,760 yards STATUTEMILE
Unit of pressure TORR
Vocal quality TIMBRE
___ del Plata (Argentine port) MAR
___ Mountains (edge of Asia) URAL
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