How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 10 2011

"Look before you ___" LEAP
"Plus . . . " AND
"That was close!" PHEW
"The ___ Professor" NUTTY
Abandoned garden EDEN
Astonished cries OHS
At the front AHEAD
Beaverlike rodent NUTRIA
Beelike APIAN
Bonnie's partner CLYDE
Bout of indulgence SPREE
Box-office bonanza HIT
Braggart's problem EGO
Breadmaker's raw material DOUGH
Butter makers CHURNS
Cat resting places LAPS
Certain teas PEKOES
Citrus cooler LIMEADE
Con game SCAM
Cottontail's tail SCUT
Cross-referencing word SEE
Cry of surprise HELLO
Dali display, say ART
Down duck EIDER
Each and every one ALL
Emitted a contented sigh AAHED
Ethically challenged AMORAL
Fisherman's attachment LURE
Formal accessory TIE
Frazier's "Thrilla in Manila" foe ALI
Gas for welders ETHYNE
Good spots for Peeping Toms KEYHOLES
Groups of three TRIUNES
Guy on the bench SUB
Have debts OWE
Head parasites LICE
Holland or Lincoln, e.g. TUNNEL
I say it exactly like you? EWE
Intensity DEPTH
It rings a bell CLAPPER
Knight's title SIR
Like small laddies? WEE
Literary spoof SATIRE
Menu phrase, perhaps ALA
Molecule found in cells RNA
Pay-___-view PER
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Pique condition? IRE
Pocket bread PITA
President Hoover HERBERT
Punching tool AWL
Ride behind a speedboat WATERSKI
Rutabaga relative TURNIP
Sail off-course YAW
Set afire IGNITE
Shade source TREE
Shaggy Himalayan critter YAK
Shah Jahan built here AGRA
Shirt-sleeve filler ARM
Soaked biscuit, e.g. SOP
Some loaves RYES
Still-life pitcher EWER
Subject of a Hemingway title OLDMAN
Substantial, as a meal HEARTY
Symbol on a super one's cape ESS
Terminus END
Tokyo, before it was Tokyo EDO
Top-tier stars ALIST
Tree with silky catkins PUSSYWILLOW
TV syndication staple RERUN
Unexpected work stopper WILDCATSTRIKE
Unit of current AMPERE
Virgil's Trojan hero AENEAS
Withstand WEATHER
Word before "special" on a menu TODAYS
Yang's go-with YIN
Zero-star review, e.g. PAN
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