How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 08 2018

'___ No. 1!' were
'___, Virginia . . .' yes
1975 Spielberg smash jaws
Agassi of tennis andre
Aid in a caper abet
Almost rainless arid
Apple on a desk mac
Baba or babka cake
Bad to the bone evil
Bakery allure aroma
Bakery fixture oven
Ballpark vendor's cry icecoldbeerhere
Barbell abbr lbs
Big Bang ___ theory
Bird feeder filler suet
Bird feeder filler seed
Blew it erred
Bump off rubout
Bunk option upper
Came down in flurries snowed
Can't stomach hates
Comics Viking hagar
Credit, as an author ascribe
Cub Scout group den
Dent or scratch mar
Easy tennis shot lob
English horn relative oboe
Flow's opposite ebb
Frazzled commuter's complaint itsazoooutthere
Full of zip perky
Gave the raspberry to, say taunted
Goody Two-shoes prig
Guitar-playing 'Glee' character artie
Hall of Fame second baseman Roberto alomar
Hole-making tools awls
Horror movie creature zombie
Hot-rod fuel, for short nitro
Iditarod transport sled
Jodie Foster title role nell
LGBT button slogan weareeverywhere
Like a hedgehog spiny
Like Stephen King's novels eerie
Long lock tress
Low-scoring tie oneall
Make up one's mind opt
Many a 'Dreamer' latino
March bloomer, maybe iris
Nautical pronoun her
Near, to bards nigh
New moon, e.g phase
Nobel Institute city oslo
Nuns' superior abbess
Op-ed pieces essays
Outing for big game watchers safari
Paris, to Romeo rival
Phantom's milieu opera
Prepare for cooking, as a turkey dress
Psych 101 topic ego
Pucker-inducing fruit sloe
Pugilist's weapons fists
Recital performer, often soloist
Sake source rice
Seemingly forever eons
Snore symbols zees
Speak silently sign
Steakhouse order tbone
Subject or direct object, e.g noun
Summer camp setting lake
Team Six serviceman seal
To boot also
Torah holders arks
Transported, as by wind borne
Vending machine reject slug
Was decked out in wore
With 'The,' Diana Ross musical wiz
Word before market or media mass
___ Hopkins University johns
___ y plata (state motto) oro
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