How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 07 2015

"Asset" anagram SATES
"Big Brother" host CHEN
"Don't forget about me" AHEM
"Fancy that!" GEE
"Fuzzy Wuzzy ___ fuzzy . . ." WASNT
"I, Claudius" network BBC
"No problem!" SURE
"The buck stops here" president HARRYTRUMAN
A real Stooge LARRY
Absolute bedlam CHAOS
Affirmative responses YESES
Alpine sight FIR
Apple and pear, e.g POMES
Bad look LEER
Basketball's path ARC
Be decisive ACT
Big dipper LADLE
Bust maker NARC
Bustling commotion ADO
Cabernet, e.g RED
Cause trembling SCARE
Chin crease CLEFT
Church part ALTAR
Clumsy sort OAF
Computer "button" ICON
Crosswise, on deck ABEAM
Daggers, in printing OBELI
Day sections (Abbr.) HRS
Detest ABHOR
Draws a breath INHALES
Electric resistance units OHMS
Expire DIE
Expressed pleasure, in a way AAHED
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Featured vocalists' selections SOLI
Feel regret RUE
Finding a husband for MARRYINGOFF
Food scrap ORT
Future husbands BEAUS
Galley slave's burden OAR
Gator's kin CROC
Grp. making case studies? ABA
Halloween treat CANDY
Have another go at RETRY
Heart line AORTA
In need of a backrub TENSE
It falls in the fall ACORN
It goes with "neither" NOR
Letter of the alphabet ELL
Light lager PILSNER
Like "The X-Files" EERIE
Like some angles ACUTE
Like some snow POWDERY
Like some underwear THERMAL
Love longingly CARRYATORCH
Lowing herd's locale LEA
Makes warmer, as a coat RELINES
Maui keepsake LEI
Mount of the Ten Commandments SINAI
Old-style call to arms ALARUM
Orders for dinner HAS
Prefix meaning "half" DEMI
Prepare pupils for an exam? DILATE
Prepare to give one's all PSYCHUP
Pronoun for common property OUR
Razor sharpener STROP
Sentries' jobs WATCHES
Sharp mountain ridge ARETE
Sneaky tactic PLOY
Spread outward SPLAYED
Stick around TARRYAWHILE
Suffix with "bed" or "home" STEAD
Sunlight shaft RAY
Take a sample of TRY
Tina of TV FEY
Type of single BLOOP
What limericks do RHYME
___ in comparison PALED
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