How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 04 2019

'All Things Considered' airer npr
'Birthplace of Aviation' state ohio
'Gimme!' mine
'Maggie May' singer rodstewart
'Now I get it!' aha
'One of ___ days, Alice . . .' these
'Put a lid on it!' shh
'See ya!' tata
'Those ___ the days' were
50-yard links stroke, maybe pitchshot
Add zest to season
Ali, thrice champ
Amniotic ___ sac
Ankle bones tarsi
Appliance needed for a hot shower waterheater
Barn bird owl
Best man's delivery speech
Big Apple tennis venue ashe
Big name in drink mix koolaid
Bout venue arena
Bureaucratic tangle redtape
Celebrity chef Guy fieri
Chanel competitor dior
Chew the fat chat
Diplomatic road map peaceplan
Elevated play area treefort
Enjoyed home cooking atein
Far from congenial cold
Fleming who created 007 ian
Follow, as advice acton
Forever and a day eon
Get-up-and-go pep
Grid great Graham otto
Hair-spiking need gel
Hectic hosp. areas ers
Heredity carrier gene
Hold up well last
Home pond fish koi
Hot, spicy brew chaitea
Implored on bended knee pled
James Watt's power source steamengine
Like foul weather nasty
Located rearward hind
LP protectors sleeves
Madison Ave. agent adrep
Maureen of 'The Quiet Man' ohara
Mollusk on pricey menus escargot
Mother of Seth eve
Myanmar, as it's also known burma
Naomi who won the 2018 U.S. Open osaka
Paper towel brand scott
Pink-slipped sacked
Playpen occupant tot
PlayStation difficulty setting skilllevel
Potter's material clay
Prez on a fiver abe
Put to a whetstone hone
Questlove's hairstyle afro
Rating a gold medal first
Rite Aid competitor cvs
Rustic rest stop inn
Ship's pronoun her
Sidekick who rode Scout tonto
Skylit courtyards atria
Snail-mailed, say sent
Some humanities degs mas
Sorority members, in old lingo coeds
Spilled salt, to some omen
Star pitcher ace
Stocks and bonds, e.g assets
Sty mother sow
Therapeutic spots spas
Time named for a music genre era
Title for Daniel Day-Lewis sir
Witness's pledge oath
Worst of times lows
___ Kinte ('Roots' role) kunta
___-aging cream anti
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