How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 04 2005

''God Save the Queen,'' e.g. ANTHEM
''Hey, what's the big ___?'' IDEA
''How was ___ know?'' ITO
''Our Miss Brooks'' student Walter DENTON
''Rey de Espana'' is written here PESETA
''The Big One,'' to vets WWII
''The Madwoman of Chaillot'' role IRMA
''The one that got away,'' e.g. YARN
''___ not for me to say . . .'' ITS
Abate, as rainfall LETUP
Albatross or pelican, e.g. SEABIRD
Apply with a swab DAB
Back-of-the-book lists ADDENDA
Balsa vessels, e.g. RAFTS
Biblical pronoun THOU
Caterpillar hair SETA
Commandments peak SINAI
Country's Faith HILL
Darjeeling, for one TEA
Dark area of the moon MARE
Dessert order, perhaps SUNDAE
Directly, directionally DUE
Discontinue, as a project SCRAP
Dutch master Jan STEEN
Early aristocrat THANE
Eventful times ERAS
Fancy fabric LAME
Fissures RIFTS
Fowl perches ROOSTS
Geological time period AEON
Get doubles in monopoly REROLL
Gin partner TONIC
Good place to meditate RETREAT
Groucho's tattooed lady LYDIA
Halfway through the day NOON
He's responsible for a current law OHM
In a blue funk SAD
Indication of detachment HEADINTHECLOUDS
Invisible emanation AURA
It brings people closer ZOOM
It can't take wing RHEA
It has six sides UTAH
Jeweler's magnifying glass LOUPE
Kansas City daily STAR
Kiddy litter? TOYS
Mephistophelean EVIL
Nocturnal sound SNORE
Noises DINS
One destined to receive? HEIR
One who responds to a dictator? STENO
Operatic Trojan princess ILIA
Place for small scissors ETUI
Portfolio holding ASSET
Prefix with plane or space AERO
Redbone or Spinks LEON
Santa's is hidden CHIN
Serious play DRAMA
Sizable servers URNS
Slapstick projectile PIE
Something lent? CREDENCE
SOS response AID
Steel plow manufacturer DEERE
Stimulate, as an appetite WHET
Sucking insect APHIS
Take a bride WIVE
Telltale sign ODOR
Ten below? TOES
Type of studio ART
Upper jaw MAXILLA
Walked with long steps STRIDDEN
What profits were skimmed with? HANDSINTHETILL
What the contestant competed with? EYESONTHEPRIZE
White-tailed eagle ERNE
Word with hour or minute PER
Word with luxury or sales TAX
Word with muff or flap EAR
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