How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 03 2019

'Ben-Hur' garment tunic
'For the heck of it' noreason
'Gloomy' guy gus
'Goosebumps' author R.L stine
'Nanook of the North' period silentera
'That clears it up' isee
59-Down that brightens, then fades nova
Agreeably sharp-tasting tart
Apple's headphones brand beats
Approving replies yeses
Ardent supporters devotees
Avoid extinction adapt
Back in time ago
Badminton flyer birdie
Bantu tribesman zulu
Barbering mishap nick
Barn's upper level loft
Be sick with have
Beauty queen's wear tiara
Bequeath funds to endow
Bottom line figures sums
Breakfast hrs., usually ams
Bright, like some crayons neon
Camporee shelter tent
Celebrity's go-between agent
Chamber music woodwind oboe
Classic cleanser ajax
College focus major
Conk out die
Creator of Dorian Gray oscarwilde
Elfin Nintendo princess zelda
Emir, e.g arab
Espionage info intel
Events with 69-Acrosses pageants
Filing cabinet order atoz
Gain a full circuit on lap
Gave the evil eye stared
Heed the 30-Down of listento
Jack Frost's 'canvases' panes
Jessica's rabbit husband roger
Joint on a prayer rug knee
Left-hand column entry debit
Librarian's gadget datestamp
Like a hawk's eyesight keen
Like last week's buns stale
Loincloth-clad hero tarzan
MacDowell who played 52-Down's Jane andie
Melville's whaler ahab
Nightmare emotion fear
Papa's mama nana
Physics class model atom
Pixar movie set in Mexico coco
Place to 14-Across runway
Place to browse web
Point-and-shoot camera mode auto
Prevents from fleeing traps
Read the bar code of scan
Red-hot flow lava
REO part olds
Rice dish with kebab pilaf
Richter scale blip tremor
Roll on the tarmac taxi
Rubs the wrong way irks
Sacred bird of Egypt ibis
Set in one's ways staid
Silent 34-Downs nods
Skater's leap axel
Some iPhone messages email
Sudoku's nine, typically digits
Take to the junkyard scrap
The Magi's guide star
Typesetter's selection font
Umbrella-inverting wind gust
Walk like a hippo plod
What an A student may ace exam
Wise counsel goodadvice
Word after blow or bowl over
Word before bear or vortex polar
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