How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 01 2008

''All I Ever Need ___'' (Sonny and Cher hit) ISYOU
''Roger,'' at sea AYEAYE
''The Blue Dahlia'' star LADD
''We don't know who said it'' abbr. ANON
''___ Flux'' (Charlize Theron movie) AEON
'50s generation BEAT
1492 crossing ATLANTIC
A case of pins and needles ETUI
Abu Dhabi and Dubai, for two EMIRATES
Arabic A ALIF
Astronaut's drink TANG
Bell hit with a mechanical hammer GONG
Bird featured in ''On Golden Pond'' LOON
Book group events READINGS
Centipede's abundance LEGS
Certain organic compound ESTER
City northeast of Bangor ORONO
Classic with Achilles ILIAD
Confusing question POSER
Contract contents TERMS
Cook clams STEAM
Defensive fortifications RAMPARTS
Diciembre follower ENERO
Display of disinterest YAWN
Dixie Chicks, e.g. TRIO
Dr. Jekyll's bailiwick LAB
Early Peruvian INCAN
Et ___ (and others) ALIA
Exchange for cash, perhaps REDEEM
Fleece BILK
Forearm bone ULNA
Greenland military base THULE
Have faith in (with ''on'') RELY
High-powered megaphone BULLHORN
Howard Hughes once controlled it TWA
John formerly of ''Entertainment Tonight'' TESH
Kansas town IOLA
Kind of catastrophe NEAR
Kind of pickle DILL
Kunta ___ of ''Roots'' fame KINTE
Like one with Coke-bottle glasses? MYOPIC
Major tea source ASSAM
Medical discovery? SYMPTOMS
Monopoly token IRON
More darling and cuddly CUTER
Nose around PRY
Not quite straight up, briefly NNE
Pillow stuffing DOWN
Prior, to poets ERE
Proposal feature RING
Put into the law books ENACT
Red head? LENIN
Rent alternative OWN
River important in WWI MARNE
Roman road ITER
Sheep shelters COTES
Spin logs BIRL
Start of a well-known tongue twister SHE
Table grains SALT
Terrify MENACE
Tubb the Texas Troubador ERNEST
Turkey meat choice DARK
Unable to react, as helium INERT
Unfamiliar ALIEN
Unit equal to 15.432 grains GRAM
War of 1812 port ERIE
Wells' race ELOI
What a star athlete may turn PRO
White-tailed bird ERNE
Word seen twice on a U.S. map DAKOTA
___-do-well NEER
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