How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 30 2010

"Eating ___" (black comedy of 1982) RAOUL
"Fast" guy in "The Hustler" EDDIE
"Out of the way!" MOVE
"Say that thou ___ forsake me . . ." (Shakepeare) DIDST
"The Star-Spangled Banner" contraction OER
"What's the ___?" (quitter's comment) USE
"___ the Explorer" (kids' show) DORA
Abbreviations for weekend days ESSES
Act as an accomplice ABET
All's fair in it? WAR
Allowing light to pass through TRANSLUCENT
Annoys with constant complaints NAGS
Applied frosting ICED
Aristotle's H ETA
Asian mountain range URAL
Assault on the eardrums NOISE
At one's disposal ONHAND
Attendant on Dionysus MAENAD
Barely visible WEE
Be a vagabond ROAM
Be successful PANOUT
Booze abuser SOT
Bosnian, e.g. SERB
Burial stone STELA
Caused admiration ENDEARED
Change, as the Constitution AMEND
Charges from counsel FEES
Classical colonnade STOA
Common Market monogram EEC
Destroys by disintegration ERODES
Digging, so to speak INTO
Dueling weapons SWORDS
First name in gin-making ELI
Genesis paradise EDEN
Gentle slope with a sudden drop CUESTA
Get a hole-in-one ACE
Gully's big brother RAVINE
Hereditary INBORN
High-strung EDGY
Hilo veranda LANAI
Hole-enlarging tool REAMER
Home of the Krupps ESSEN
Il ___ (Mussolini) DUCE
Item on a diva's door STAR
Massachusetts' state tree ELM
More than a look-alike IDENTICALTWIN
National Park in Maine ACADIA
Odysseus' homeland ITHACA
On-screen stand-in BODYDOUBLE
One of the Three B's of classical music BACH
Passe preposition UNTO
Police line CORDON
Red head, once? MAO
Regional groups of animal life FAUNAS
Richard's first vice president SPIRO
River wriggler EEL
Rose-colored dye EOSIN
Saw-toothed NOTCHED
Some shrubs SUMACS
Sounds from a flock BLEATS
Spitting image DEADRINGER
Take without permission STEAL
Tidal movement EBB
Took off, in a way RAN
Tribe of Arizona HOPI
Tug-of-war position END
Turn green? DYE
Unfavorable votes NAYS
Vestment for the clergy ALB
Wasn't a fast observer? ATE
Word with "want" ADS
You can count on them TOES
You might say it when you get it AHA
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