How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 28 2019

'A good walk spoiled,' per Twain golf
'Be seein' ya' tata
'Paradise Lost' setting eden
'The Farm' painter Joan miro
'Watch out!' headsup
4-Down output lava
Any of Grafton's 'alphabet series' novel
Autumn bloomer aster
Barbera's cartoon colleague hanna
Bean on the moon alan
Beehives, flips et al dos
Best of the best elite
Bill of HBO's 'Real Time' maher
Bit of correspondence from Chaplin? charlienote
Body wash additive aloe
Brewery supply malt
Cable channel's in-house training program? bravoschool
Checklist detail item
Cheerios grain oats
Class with mats yoga
Compote fruit pear
Cry of pain or laughter howl
Cuba libre mixer cola
Developer's measure acre
Dirty rat soandso
Double Delight cookie oreo
Dressed to the ___ nines
Earth, wind or fire element
Euros' predecessors lire
Far from congenial icy
Feel remorse over rue
Give off, as radiation emit
Gives the go-ahead to oks
Guitar book diagram chord
Hatfields or McCoys clan
Have faith in, with 'on' rely
Hawaiian fish, on menus mahi
Hazardous inert gas radon
Home to drones hive
Hopkins role in 'Thor' odin
How sausages are connected endtoend
In danger atrisk
Itsy-bitsy teeny
Jam-packed full
Kuwaiti ruler emir
Lennon's bed-in partner ono
Like most movies rated
Like Peruvian ruins incan
Loch Lomond local scot
Mahershala of 'Green Book' ali
Make a boo-boo slip
Mirror shape, perhaps oval
MS-DOS-based PCs clones
Nike's swoosh, e.g logo
OR hookups ivs
Parlor acquisition tattoo
Partner of beyond above
Peak near Catania etna
Penny's makeup, mostly zinc
Place for a roast oven
Placed in the attic, say stored
Prepare for a bout train
Priests of the East lamas
Promo CD demo
Puzzles on place mats mazes
Quebec neighbor ontario
Quiet fan setting low
Reply to a captain aye
Shopaholic's craving, e.g urge
Small fry children
Stained-glass unit pane
Stratford's river avon
Suppress, as a vowel elide
Supreme Court conservative alito
Time spent as an airline employee? deltadays
Try to win, with 'for' vie
Tuscaloosa's state (Abbr.) ala
Unit on an Italian auto assembly line? alfaframe
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