How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 28 2016

"Almighty" role for Steve EVAN
"I, Robot" author ISAACASIMOV
"Star Wars" princess LEIA
A bit more than a quart LITER
Apple music player IPOD
Asks for SEEKS
Bagel or bialy ROLL
Barkin or Burstyn ELLEN
Biblical fall site EDEN
Bummed out ONADOWNER
Chili hotness unit ALARM
Clear wrap SARAN
Coin flip TOSS
Colossus site RHODES
Commentary pg OPED
Control device, for short SERVO
Coty or Lacoste RENE
Country music's Paisley BRAD
Crude org OPEC
Crusty treats PIES
Days past YORE
English course, for short LIT
Fastener for Rosie RIVET
Fen growth REED
Garmin lines (Abbr.) RDS
Germany's Graf von ___ SPEE
Grow dark LATEN
Gun, as a engine REV
Hallowed places SHRINES
Have a gut feeling SENSE
Have the lead STAR
He went to hell, in a sense DANTE
Home to most ASIA
HOMES element ERIE
Jeep Grand Cherokee, e.g MIDSIZESUV
Justice Kagan ELENA
K-Tel or Ronco product phrase ASSEENONTV
Kitchen extruder RICER
Largish combo OCTET
Lick, as an envelope flap MOISTEN
Like Hitchcock tales EERIE
Like many bombs and cards SMART
Lilliputian WEE
Lion's friend of legend ANDROCLES
Make a boo-boo ERR
Mentioned SAID
Mountain stat (Abbr.) ELEV
One-named Greek New Ager YANNI
Only animal-produced gem PEARL
Pantry pests ANTS
Patchouli emanation SCENT
Place to hibernate LAIR
Positive, as an attitude CANDO
Poultry dish made with garlic butter CHICKENKIEV
Privy to INON
Punishment-related PENAL
River of Flanders YSER
Rolltop, for one DESK
Run in neutral IDLE
Sam of links fame SNEAD
Scruff of the neck NAPE
Sherlock Holmes prop PIPE
Sicilian erupter ETNA
Snorer's letters ZEES
Snowfall prediction units INCHES
Start of a geometry proof GIVEN
Starting stake ANTE
Suffix with schnozz OLA
Take a break REST
Tirana's land (Abbr.) ALB
Todd, Alaska's former "first dude" PALIN
Tofu source, to Brits SOYA
Together, on a score ADUE
Top spot ACME
Van Susteren of TV news GRETA
___-mutuel betting PARI
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