How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 28 2008

''. . . ___ ye be judged'' LEST
''Chariots of Fire'' special effect SLOMO
''Goosebumps'' author STINE
''Jurassic Park III'' co-star LEONI
''O Sole ___'' MIO
''The Communist Manifesto'' co-author ENGELS
''Toy Story'' studio PIXAR
''___ thou know me, fellow?'' (''King Lear'') DOST
Another name for Exxon ESSO
Ash can? URN
Bucking bronco event RODEO
Capital of Japan YEN
Captain & Tennille hit MUSKRATLOVE
Cardinal's cap monogram STL
Caustic cleaner LYE
College football QB, e.g. BMOC
Control knob on old color TVs TINT
Copy of a magazine ISSUE
Counterpart of recto VERSO
Crack squad ATEAM
Days needed to travel the world? EIGHTY
Dentist's test? ORALEXAM
Duller of the senses OPIATE
Dyed-in-the-wool AVID
End of a threat ORELSE
Ford flop EDSEL
George of the Jungle's pal APE
Get hot under the collar STEAMUP
Goober and Floyd's buddy ANDY
Hardly four-star cuisine SLOP
Hardly transparent OPAQUE
Heyerdahl's ___-Tiki KON
High-profile hairdo AFRO
Imperial or Parkay, e.g. OLEO
Innsbruck's province (Var.) TYROL
John or Paul BEATLE
Kemo___ (the Lone Ranger) SABE
Kind of cozy? TEA
Knave CAD
Like this clue ACROSS
Locale of the Jeffersons' apartment EASTSIDE
Mil. address APO
Most out-of-practice RUSTIEST
Mr. Garfunkel ART
Name on a 1945 bomber ENOLA
Negate entirely ERASE
Neither Dem. nor Rep. IND
One behind Gladys Knight PIP
One of a bicycle pair TIRE
Operatic highlight ARIA
Persistently irritate HARASS
Politically correct suffix PERSON
Pupal or larval STAGE
Scrooge's expletive BAH
Secants and cosecants RATIOS
Seizes GRABS
Some are golden, others fallen ARCHES
Some rush to get in here FRAT
Stationery enclosure ENVELOPE
Story on a grand scale EPIC
Teacher's org. NEA
Team from Missouri RAMS
Tear down, in Dover RASE
The bounding main OCEAN
Three-seater, often SOFA
Tree type ELM
Type of stable LIVERY
Verb with ''heaven and earth'' MOVE
Water color AQUA
___ contendere (defendant's plea) NOLO
___ out (barely gets by) EKES
___ voce (almost in a whisper) SOTTO
___-Magnon man CRO
___-o'-shanter TAM
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