How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 27 2009

''. . . or ___ thought'' SOI
''Como ___ usted?'' ESTA
''Horsefeathers!'' PSHAW
''If only!'' IWISH
''Invasion of the Body Snatchers'' container POD
''Tell Mama'' singer James ETTA
''Who wants ice cream?'' reply IDO
''___ alive!'' SAKES
1957 Michael Redgrave thriller TIMEWITHOUTPITY
1989 John Travolta film LOOKWHOSTALKING
1997 Roberto Benigni film LIFEISBEAUTIFUL
A place in the sun FAME
A word from Rhett Butler DAMN
Act excessively expressive EMOTE
Address for a monarch SIRE
American Elk WAPITI
Bankrolls WADS
Bantu language ZULU
Bear, up high URSA
Business note MEMO
Cabbage kin KOHLRABI
Called a strike? UMPED
Canine show? SMILE
Cap'n's mate BOSN
Car title info VIN
Comic strip featuring Jeremy Duncan ZITS
Commerce pact acronym NAFTA
Desktop accessory LAMP
Does a hatchet job on HEWS
Drooling doggie ODIE
Elite police team SWAT
Emma of ''Dynasty'' SAMMS
Ersatz FAKE
Existing INESSE
Fill beyond full SATE
Footway PATH
Fungal grain disease ERGOT
Gangster's pistol GAT
General ___ chicken TSOS
Getting on in years AGING
Golfer's choice IRON
Grammy-winning Jones NORAH
Have no need for ushers ELOPE
Inclined (to) APT
Kind of buggy DUNE
Lambs' ma'ams EWES
Left hurriedly, slangily LITOUT
Little Joe's brother ADAM
Ltd., here INC
Make, as income EARN
Marriott alternative RAMADA
Metric weights, briefly KILOS
Microbiologist's gel AGAR
Not employ fully UNDERUSE
Not too many AFEW
Olive stuffing (Var.) PIMIENTO
One who's full of praise ODIST
Open, as a letter UNSEAL
Parker with tips VALET
Passing interest FAD
Philatelist's collection STAMPS
Planetary revolution YEAR
Port of ancient Rome OSTIA
Presenter of choices MENU
Redhead's secret, perhaps HENNA
Rival of AP UPI
Roadie's haul AMP
Sad statement ALAS
Say ''something'' wrong, in a way LISP
Scamps IMPS
Scheming bunch CABAL
Sing the blues WAIL
Singer called ''The Little Sparrow'' PIAF
Singer Horne LENA
They're up first, in baseball AWAYTEAM
Tropical ray MANTA
Whale's location? THAR
___-in-the-wool DYED
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