How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 26 2019

'Cogito, ___ sum' ergo
'However . . .' but
'I did it!' tada
'Night' author Wiesel elie
'Skyfall' spy bond
'Star Wars' series, e.g epic
'The Twilight Zone' visitor alien
35-Downs, for short ets
56-Across, e.g roman
Aerial stunt loop
Arrange loosely drape
Art deco or art nouveau style
Be responsible for seeto
Be sociable mix
Car named for an inventor tesla
Cause to be loved endear
Chef's pinch salt
Chest protectors ribcages
Concert stage array amps
Cruise stopover port
Dark purple Monopoly avenue baltic
Dinette spot alcove
Drooling canine of comics odie
Dryer outlet vent
Elaborate con game sting
Emperor after Claudius nero
Game show VIPs mcs
Genius Bar locale applestore
Golf bunker tool rake
Having the goods able
Highlander's family clan
Home and End, for two keys
Homes to shipwrecks seabeds
Hyde Park carriage pram
Involuntary jerk spasm
Is introduced to meets
It simply isn't done taboo
Italian sonnet's ending sestet
Kool-Aid direction stir
Life line examiner palmreader
Like a harp seal earless
Makes less severe eases
Mideast theocracy iran
Midlife crisis feeling angst
Mono successor stereo
More underhanded slyer
OKCupid.com meeting date
One of the gang pal
One way to think aloud
Org. encouraging flossing ada
Peddle, e.g sell
Pesetas' replacements euros
Places for eggs nests
Places for troupes stages
Played for time stalled
Ran like heck tore
Reason to use Fresh Wave odor
River past the Louvre seine
Ruins a secret blabs
Run like a deer lope
Sauteed bivalve bayscallop
Show disdain for sneerat
Skull session offering idea
Slender woodwind oboe
Smudge on Santa's suit soot
Souvenir tops tees
Sports tiebreaker rubbergame
Sulking look pout
Swiffer wares mops
Taproom orders ales
Track down locate
Type with one's thumbs text
Victoria's Secret buys bras
Virtual dog or cat, perhaps neopet
Warning of imminent attack redalert
Wear the crown rule
Well-put apt
What an amateur may turn pro
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