How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 25 2019

'Is that clear?' see
'Let's Make a Deal' dud prize zonk
'Meatballs' director Reitman ivan
'Thanks ___!' alot
'Toy Story' boy andy
Activity in wooden shoes clogdancing
All keyed up agog
Apply sloppily daub
Black-and-white carnivore orca
Blood thinner target clot
Business name abbr inc
Cabal's contrivance plot
Car freshener shape pine
Chinatown gang tong
Cut diamond's feature facet
Detox site spa
Dipstick wipers rags
Do a laundry chore sort
Eco-friendly energy option solar
Expected in due
Falcon's gripper talon
Far from blue-blooded lowclass
Far from unwitting aware
Fare with chips fish
Folksy narrative tale
Form a friendship bond
Furry sci-fi warrior ewok
Get underway start
Got the better of licked
Gym rats pump it iron
Hasn't gone extinct lives
Honshu port osaka
Impromptu jazz performance jamsession
In a dead heat tied
In the style of ala
iPad screen unit pixel
Itching for action eager
Kindergartner's 'A,' e.g blockletter
Legally invalid null
Lighthearted prank lark
Like a recluse, usually alone
Many a Smucker's container jellyjar
McIntosh center core
Numbers on boarding passes zones
On the expensive side pricey
One in a photo shoot model
Oozy movie monster, with 'the' blob
Partners no more exes
Peace Prize city oslo
Pedals on pottery wheels treadles
Persian Gulf state oman
Place-holding abbr tba
Presents prejudicially skews
Protect, as freshness sealin
Puts on Snapchat posts
Quits yakking shutsup
Rip violently rend
Ruffles the feathers of irks
Sacred, as ground hallowed
San ___ (Italian resort) remo
Serve from a tap pour
Shake insert straw
Sod layer's figure area
Sound of grief sob
Source of rice paddy
Spoke foolishly jived
Strauss of denim levi
Swabs' tools mops
Symbol of worthlessness plugnickel
Threadable bauble bead
Ticker test, briefly ekg
Toaster's word cheers
Toll plaza division lane
Turn topsy-turvy upend
Unrefined resources ores
Urban alert cause smog
Without repeat once
Wool byproduct lanolin
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