How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 25 2011

". . . ___ and not heard" SEEN
"America's Got ___" TALENT
"Hey, over here!" PSST
"It Must Be Him" singer Vikki CARR
"The Last Frontier" ALASKA
Annie of "Oklahoma!" ADO
Anonymous person's name DOE
Apple drink CIDER
Back, as a horse BETON
Baking meas. TBSP
Before, once ERE
Biblical sufferer of a bad hair day SAMSON
Big meanie OGRE
Collection of miscellany OLIO
Common contraction HED
Consequently ERGO
Constellation with a belt ORION
Developed into BECAME
Eggs, in biology OVA
Feature of King Arthur's music system? SIRROUNDSOUND
Finger or toe DACTYL
Fuel efficiency letters MPG
Heartache WOE
Journalist Clare Boothe LUCE
Knight or bishop CHESSMAN
Land purchase, perhaps ACRE
Lazy way to fill the castle's trenches? REMOATCONTROL
Light smooch BUSS
Look of lechery LEER
Malaprop or Miniver MRS
Medicine bottle VIAL
Mediocre SOSO
Meeting of the rite people? SYNOD
Mold and mildew, for two FUNGI
Needed a good rubdown ACHED
Not straight WRY
Occurring naturally INHERENT
Palette choice COLOR
Part of a novel FOREWORD
Play a good joke on GET
Printer-cartridge filler INK
Ready, as a machete HONE
Response to a gag, perhaps LAFF
Run ___ of the law AFOUL
Russian country home DACHA
Similar type ILK
Small parrots LORIES
Smoker's deposit ASH
Something to believe in CREDO
Split with violence REND
Statement issuer BANK
Sudden, violent disturbance UPHEAVAL
Summons forth EVOKES
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Target practice need AMMO
Tidal retreat EBB
Tiny spot in the water ISLET
Title in colonial India SAHIB
Took back, as words ATE
Tour de France need BIKE
Train that makes all stops LOCAL
Tub trio of rhyme MEN
Type of fishing BASS
Use a stopwatch on TIME
Used to own HAD
Warhol's soup-can flavor TOMATO
Water vessels by basins EWERS
Weed out weak applicants SCREEN
Well-known fact TRUISM
What a beatnik beats BONGO
What Hamilton and Burr listened to? DUELCASSETTES
Where William Tell did dwell URI
Whiskered animal SEAL
Windmill parts BLADES
Yuletide evergreens FIRS
___ Lanka (Ceylon) SRI
___-friendly (green) ECO
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