How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 21 2007

''Didn't I say so!'' SEE
''Taiwan'' conclusion ESE
''___ go bragh!'' ERIN
Anderson of ''WKRP in Cincinnati'' LONI
Anticipatory times EVES
Auto making a comeback? REPO
Beefy bovine STEER
Beehive State jock UTE
Bit of Morse code DAH
Bolo, e.g. TIE
Cabaret songbirds CHANTEUSES
Conger chaser EELER
Cooking direction HEAT
Diabolical EVIL
Did summer stock ACTED
Drainers and strainers COLANDERS
Easy pace AMBLE
Easy score, in basketball TAPIN
Ends of vertebral columns TAILBONES
Euphoric leaf KHAT
Fall bloom ASTER
Fencing maneuver LUNGE
Fragrant loop LEI
Fully grown RIPE
Genealogy word NEE
Gravity-powered vehicles SLEDS
Hautboy OBOE
Hold contents CARGO
Hypodermic needle amts. CCS
Iron coats? RUSTS
It may be cured HAM
It may be good or bad LUCK
It may get pushed around CART
Knights' aides SQUIRES
Like some observations ASTUTE
Lord's Prayer PATER
Madame Curie MARIE
Maugham's Miss Thompson SADIE
Monogram of Jekyll's creator RLS
Monty Python's Idle ERIC
Morales of ''NYPD Blue'' ESAI
Moralist of yore AESOP
Mythical peace goddess IRENE
Nostril NARE
Occasional beeper CAR
Opera that debuted in Cairo AIDA
Passover events SEDERS
Pepe the toon LEPEW
Periscope part LENS
Places for salves SORES
Pre-storm condition CALM
Prepare apples for baking CORE
Puts up with ABIDES
Quadrant SECTOR
Really not go for DISLIKE
Removed pits STONED
Rendezvous MEET
Rigidify SET
Salty solution SALINE
Selection from 3-Down ARIA
Show affection, in a way KISS
Skirt length MIDI
Space traveler COMET
That is to say TOWIT
They may be drummed up SALES
They may have contacts EYES
Trattoria soup MINESTRONE
Type of alcohol ETHYL
Vegas staple SLOT
Waved the white flag KNUCKLEDUNDER
Waved the white flag CALLEDITQUITS
Waved the white flag THREWINTHETOWEL
You don't want this on your record BLOT
___ noire (frightful thing) BETE
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