How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 19 2010

". . . ___, dust to dust" ASHES
"Boys Town" Oscar winner TRACY
"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Don't get mad, get___" EVEN
"In ___ of flowers . . ." LIEU
"Mission: Impossible" theme composer Schifrin LALO
"Thanks, I already ___" ATE
"The future is ___" OURS
A day's march ETAPE
A man for one season SANTA
Active starter? RADIO
Ad agency award CLIO
After midnight, to Cinderella LATE
America's second-deepest lake TAHOE
Approves OKAYS
Assenting votes YEAS
Assumption for the sake of argument LEMMA
BB propellant AIR
Biblical verb with "thou" HAST
Big name in flatware ONEIDA
Brawny BEEFY
Buck projection ANTLER
Buddy PAL
Carry on, as a trade PLY
Cheddar choice MILD
Conclusion for everything ENDALL
Congerlike EELY
Corn covering HUSK
Country whose flag has five sides NEPAL
Da Vinci model LISA
Depend (on) RELY
Down Under stone OPAL
Early afternoon nap SIESTA
Event on the lanai LUAU
Feminine subject SHE
Flush variety ROYAL
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Grassy plain in Africa VELDT
Haim or Feldman COREY
In an unskilled way BADLY
Indian bread NAAN
Isn't quite vertical LEANS
Jazz venue UTAH
Leaves marks on the road SKIDS
Like Victorian London streets GASLIT
List-shortening words ETAL
Major presidential caucus state IOWA
Mayle's "___ in Provence" AYEAR
Muslim deity ALLAH
Negative contraction ISNT
One gone but not forgotten AWOL
One who crosses the line SCAB
Palindromic emperor OTTO
Perform one's ablutions LAVE
Pertaining to birds AVIAN
Pirate flags JOLLYROGERS
Professor's job protection TENURE
Pulled hamstring, e.g. INJURY
Rush-order order ASAP
Serves as Simon SAYS
Show with Potsie HAPPYDAYS
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Sitcom featuring Paul and Jamie Buchman MADABOUTYOU
Slang for heroin SCAG
Smooth connections SEGUES
Sneaky and smart SLY
South American rodent COYPU
Suffix with "coal" or "phosphor" ESCE
Sullenly ill-humored SURLY
They're blue when clear SKIES
Throw a monkey wrench into DISRUPT
Unable to see straight? CROSSEYED
Wheaties, e.g. FLAKES
Word usually put in brackets SIC
Writer's target READER
___ date (makes wedding plans) SETSA
___ hydrate (knockout drops) CHLORAL
___ Lang (Superboy's girlfriend) LANA
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