How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 16 2012

". . . no man has ___ before" GONE
". . . where the buffalo ___" ROAM
"Alice" waitress FLO
"Ghost" actress Moore DEMI
"Good" or "bad" ending NESS
"Help yourself!" EAT
"i" topper DOT
"La Boheme" soprano MIMI
"More!" at a concert ENCORE
"Start over" buttons RESETS
"Super ___" (Rick James hit) FREAK
"Thanks, I already ___" ATE
"___ on a Hot Tin Roof" CAT
A 747 has two of these AISLES
A catnap may not provide it REMSLEEP
A good while back AGESAGO
Accept, as a coupon HONOR
Act incensed FUME
Act the butterfly FLIT
Again and again OFTEN
All-too-public tiff SCENE
Animal lair DEN
Ankle bones TARSI
Apple chemical banned in the 1980s ALAR
Arabian Peninsula land OMAN
Ballpark arbiters, briefly UMPS
Baltic and Adriatic SEAS
Bank robbery HEIST
Barracks locale BASE
Basketball official (Abbr.) REF
Blunt-edged swords EPEES
Bounds' partners LEAPS
Box in the theater LOGE
Building contractor's concern CODE
Cause of fatigue ANEMIA
Certain New England student ELI
Chatter on and on GAB
Classical lyric poem EPODE
Clinically clean STERILE
Comic boundaries? CEES
Contents of some tents OXYGEN
Cops may slap them on CUFFS
Deer with three-pointed antlers ROES
Denver's Mile High Center architect IMPEI
Department division BUREAU
Diameter halves RADII
Dish made with taro POI
Diva's big opera number ARIA
End of a beautiful quip BABYPICTURES
Endings for "differ" and "prefer" ENCES
Ensnares TRAPS
Ft. Worth college TCU
Genesis of an invention IDEA
Grammatical connector AND
Hansen of public radio LIANE
In unison, on scores ADUE
Jeanne d'Arc, for one (Abbr.) STE
Job vacancies OPENINGS
Like candle drippings WAXEN
Middle of a beautiful quip LIVEUPTOTHEIR
Move bit by bit EDGE
Noted sibling rivalry victim ABEL
Pekoe or Darjeeling TEA
Place for a ruler THRONE
Punishing rod FERULE
Raw tuna eater ORCA
Rental agreement LEASE
Respond to the alarm AWAKEN
Sand mound DUNE
Seek redress SUE
Start of a beautiful quip PEOPLESELDOM
Takes into one's family ADOPTS
Two December days EVES
Unhinged MAD
Use, as a chaise longue LIEON
Wide's partner FAR
___ Aviv, Israel TEL
___ Lanka SRI
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