How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 16 2005

''Seinfeld'' character BENES
''Stormy Weather'' songwriter ARLEN
Adjusts, as a spark plug GAPS
Auction necessities BIDS
Bark up the wrong tree ERR
Before, before now ERE
Bill Walton's alma mater UCLA
Birler's base LOG
Bow part LOOP
Boxer's fare, perhaps ALPO
Bugler's high point? MATTERHORN
C.S.A. Gen. Robert ELEE
Calm and relaxed COOL
Capital of Cambodia? RIEL
Cholers IRES
Drives recklessly CAREENS
Drudges PEONS
Endowed with feeling SENTIENT
Expo site, 1970 OSAKA
Fire engine feature SIREN
First name from ''Laugh-In'' ARTE
Fish to fiddle with? BLACKBASS
Fit and trim TONED
Flowers in a Poitier film title LILIES
Forest fledgling OWLET
Four-legged herder SHEEPDOG
Genetic stuff RNA
Group of toads KNOT
H.H. Munro's pseudonym SAKI
Have chits out OWE
Imitative sort MIMIC
Irritated condition SNIT
It separates seeds NET
Jai ___ (fast-paced court game) ALAI
Jams or links TIEUPS
Jefferson's home MONTICELLO
Land in the sea ISLET
Likable candidate of the past IKE
Maintenance costs UPKEEP
Man-mouse link ORA
Measure of dignity SHRED
Men of learning, e.g. SAGES
Mink relatives SABLES
One seeking results BOSS
One-time connection ATA
Ones in the woods? BABES
Part of a jack-in-the-box LID
Part of a libretto, perhaps ARIA
Perry's penman ERLE
Pertaining to birth NATAL
Plaintive sounds MOANS
Point at the table? TINE
Prepare apples for baking CORE
Quad antecedents STEREOS
Riddle you may beat? CONUNDRUM
Round-the-clock NONSTOP
Shoulder, as a burden BEAR
Sire, biblically speaking BEGET
Some bar signs RESTS
Some car payments TOLLS
Speed deterrent BUMP
Stock holders BARNS
Subcompact's smaller kin MINICAR
Swedish speedster SAAB
Take in ALTER
Takes it easy, in a way RECLINES
Their actions speak for them MIMES
They are not returned properly ACES
Treater's term ONME
Trouble-making Norse god LOKI
Varieties KINDS
Vault location APSE
Word with fine or graphic ARTS
Word with mouth or excuse POOR
Word with onion or friendship RING
You may get these in the long run? ACHES
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