How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 16 2004

"Go away!" SHOO
"Our ___" (Spanky, Alfalfa, et al.) GANG
"The bee's ___" (something exceptional) KNEES
"The Omen" actress Remick LEE
1996 or 2000 presidential candidate DOLE
Accusation in a lineup HER
Afternoon performance MATINEE
And there's ___ (see 17-Across) AWOLFATYOURDOOR
Andrew Lloyd Webber musical EVITA
Auxiliary verb DID
Bandleader Lombardo GUY
Barker of game shows BOB
Buffalo bunch HERD
Catlike mammal CIVET
Covers completely ENGULFS
Declare with certainty AVER
Depend HINGE
Derogatory SNIDE
Deviating VARYING
Discovery of a Spanish chemist in 1275 ETHER
Dueling mementos SCARS
Egyptian sacred bird IBIS
Emancipation FREEDOM
Exclamation of disgust UGH
Exist ARE
Felonious flames ARSON
First White House occupant ADAMS
Flammable gas ETHANE
Flintstone or Mertz FRED
Footnote indicating "as previously cited" IBID
Gentleman suitor BEAU
Glacier fragment BERG
Glances with malicious intent LEERS
Good day? (Abbr.) FRI
Gyro ingredient LAMB
Hard to penetrate DENSE
If you feel like you're holding ___ ATIGERBYTHETAIL
Indeed, in Psalms YEA
Indispensable VITAL
Informal vernacular SLANG
It could be a lot ACRE
It's time to pull ___ (see 17 and 38-Across) ARABBITFROMAHAT
Japanese rice wine SAKI
Jupiter, to Saturn SON
Land east of Eden NOD
League leader? IVY
Limber AGILE
Mary Quant design MINI
Menu symbol ICON
Microfilm sheet FICHE
Multitude LEGION
New York canal ERIE
Obsessed by INTO
Octavia's husband NERO
Otherwise ELSE
Possesses OWNS
Preposition that may come before long ERE
Prima donna DIVA
Quantity of no importance NIHIL
Refuses to grant DENIES
Rooftop fixture, sometimes DISH
Seal type EARED
Seasonal song NOEL
St. Thomas or St. Martin ISLE
Stimulate AROUSE
Supplicates BEGS
Taunt GIBE
Tell a story RELATE
Tempestuous RAGING
Tennis term LET
The eyes have it IRIS
Took the el RODE
Treat leather TAN
Type of mother DEN
Wear out TIRE
Weathercock VANE
___ Lauder ESTEE
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