How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 15 2010

". . . my kingdom ___ horse!" FORA
". . . to ___ and to hold" HAVE
". . . with a banjo on my ___" KNEE
"Agreed!" DEAL
"Animal House" frat man OMEGA
"C'mon already!" LETSGO
"Iliad" war god ARES
"It ___ over till it's over" (Yogi Berra) AINT
"Lost in Space" character ROBOT
"Maple Leaf ___" RAG
"Meet John ___" DOE
"Rebel Without a Cause" actor Mineo SAL
1,000 grams, briefly KILO
A little more than a quart, to a Brit LITRE
A prima donna's needs stroking EGO
Achieve with nothing to spare EKEOUT
Adapts for a new audience REEDITS
Ambient sound DRONE
Anonymously written best-seller PRIMARYCOLORS
Any song your parents like? OLDIE
August baby, often LEO
Avoider of meat products VEGAN
Bang-up impression DENT
Beginner's sax, usually ALTO
Bonanza in a mine ORE
Bountiful setting UTAH
Bridges of "Airplane!" LLOYD
Canal zone entrance? EARHOLE
Candidate for spitchcocking EEL
Cannes quaff EAU
Companion of blood and tears SWEAT
Condor nest AERIE
Convert into leather TAN
Cousin of a mandolin LUTE
Crunch maker NESTLE
Drain blockage CLOG
Extremity of the earth POLE
Fix a pump, in a way RESOLE
Free of moisture ARID
Game participant PLAYER
Hearing-related OTIC
Hemmed or basted SEWED
Imitation gold ORMOLU
It's always exhausted? ENGINE
It's found among the reeds OBOE
Key training personnel CADRE
Kimono closers OBIS
Kind of lyric poem EPODE
Like a soup kitchen habitue NEEDY
Meat that's often served piccata VEAL
Met fare OPERA
Montezuma II, for one AZTEC
More sentimental GOOIER
Nautical spar BOWSPRIT
One might put you in the audience TICKETAGENT
Ornamental objects of no great value TRUMPERY
Part of a razor EDGE
Part of DIY DOIT
Pindaric poem ODE
Proficient ones ADEPTS
Rock concert sites ARENAS
Santa's little helpers ELVES
Skye talk ERSE
Start over with pen and pad REDRAW
Tot's time-out NAP
Tradesman, e.g. PLYER
Underway to over there ASEA
Wet propeller OAR
What Gollum once possessed RING
Williams of Cooperstown TED
Wine glass feature STEM
Word in many gospel titles LORD
Wye follower, along the Wye ZED
You may get a rise out of them PLATFORMSHOES
___ Jail ("Monopoly" card) GOTO
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