How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 14 2015

"Sleeper" film of 1978 COMA
African river or Italian physicist VOLTA
Anoint, old-style ANELE
Bean used in making chocolate CACAO
Beat decisively THRASH
Begin traveling HITTHEROAD
Bit for the dog bowl ORT
Black tea grade PEKOE
Bullets and shells, for short AMMO
Caesarean salute AVE
Cartoon bear YOGI
Catch sight of DESCRY
Come down hard POUR
Concerning this, in legalese HEREOF
Constrictor BOA
Controversial word for Rhett Butler DAMN
Cousin on "The Addams Family" ITT
Cushiness EASE
Demure, to some LADYLIKE
Dick Van ___ DYKE
Does a muffler's job MUTES
Extension ARM
Finsteraarhorn, for one ALP
Fireside event CHAT
First name in whodunits AGATHA
Flight info ETA
Fly in the ointment SNAG
Food for a ladybug APHID
Frequently OFTTIMES
Fury IRE
Georgia of "Mary Tyler Moore" ENGEL
Giant Hall of Famer OTT
Grey of "Cabaret" JOEL
Half the integers EVENS
Hankerings ITCHES
Hardly nude CLAD
Have a hunch SENSE
Heart, in slang TICKER
High nest (var.) AERY
Inescapable outcome FATE
It gives support in the home STUD
Keyboard experts TYPISTS
Lairs DENS
Leave quickly MAKETRACKS
Like careless mistakes AVOIDABLE
Like riverbeds SILTED
Lip cosmetic GLOSS
Making a team, as from oxen YOKING
Olympic track star Ashford EVELYN
Period of penitence LENT
Predator's dinner PREY
Prefix with "European" INDO
Presses the flesh CAMPAIGNS
Prestigious award OSCAR
Pulitzer poet Conrad AIKEN
Safari hazard TSETSE
Semi professional? HAULER
Single-masted vessels SLOOPS
Slippery trees? ELMS
Smart-mouthed SASSY
Spirit of Islamic legend (var.) DJINNI
Start for "Marcos" or "Mateo" SAN
Superman's cover KENT
Tennis great Lendl IVAN
Test the strength of, chemically TITRATE
Type of bridge TOLL
Unnamed alternative ELSE
Vera's husband on "Cheers" NORM
Very small amounts TADS
Wave-patterned fabric MOIRE
What "my Bonnie lies over," in a song SEA
Where kip changes hands LAOS
___ fixe IDEE
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