How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 10 2009

''. . . ___ what you can do for your country'' ASK
''No ___!'' (Roberto Duran quote) MAS
''The Adventures of Milo and ___'' OTIS
''The mother of all living'' EVE
''___ a hit!'' ITS
A king of Judah AMON
A lot of liquor SNOOTFUL
African breed that cannot bark BASENJIDOG
Albacore and yellowfish TUNAS
Alliance since 1949 NATO
Alone, to an actress SOLA
Antelope with spirally twisted horns ELAND
Arizona city YUMA
Automaker Ferrari ENZO
Bad check passer KITER
Banks of baseball ERNIE
Bath type TURKISH
Behind LATE
Biblical Syria ARAM
Big round do AFRO
Biographer of Robert Moses CARO
Bit of porcine patter OINK
Black's opposite, financially RED
Broke down in English class? PARSED
Casement SASH
Certain size LARGE
Character AURA
Chemical suffix ANE
Clump of bushes TUFT
Copy APE
Cornered ATBAY
Curly and Patricia NEALS
Dealer's directive ANTEUP
Despise deeply ABHOR
Did some picking OPTED
Doglike carnivore HYENA
Doozy LULU
Eastern European SLAV
Educated ones LITERATI
Elongated creature EEL
Emulates a horse whisperer TAMES
Enrapture RAVISH
Fairy tale monster ORC
Famous Roman fountain TREVI
Far from flustered SERENE
Fashioned into a sphere ORBED
Feed the hogs SLOP
Felt-tip alternative BALLPOINT
Fish bait CHUM
Flouted DEFIED
Football Hall of Fame locale OHIO
Footstool OTTOMAN
Fright flick fly-by-nighter VAMPIREBAT
Get a point across? STAB
Glass rectangle PANE
Going up in smoke AFIRE
Govt. workplace monitor OSHA
Grand ___ SLAM
Greek liqueur OUZO
Heart readout, for short EKG
Hereditary ruler DYNAST
I, as in Innsbruck ICH
Immeasurable chasm ABYSS
Impoverishment NEED
In need of a muffler NOISY
It has solar heating PLANET
Jail, to a hood STIR
Juan follower? ITA
League based in Cairo ARAB
Like some piano keys EBON
Lion scion CUB
Maharishi GURU
Marsh gas, mostly METHANE
Military band instrument TUBA
Minnow relative CHUB
Mongolian marauder TATAR
More vulgar CRASSER
Multiplied at a rapid rate BALLOONED
Neck woe KINK
Not nearby AFAR
Palate lobe UVULA
Philae locale NILE
Playwright William INGE
Plot size, perhaps ACRE
Pointed river formations DELTAS
Police surveillance STAKEOUT
Pompano Park races TROTS
Pontiacs of yore GTOS
Porgy's beloved BESS
Praise highly TOUT
Prepares eggs, in a way BOILS
Proper words NOUNS
Puts up ERECTS
Radar-screen image BLIP
Rapid escapes LAMS
Rapper Dr. ___ DRE
Ready to come off the grill DONE
Ready to travel ABOARD
Road classics REOS
Roe source SHAD
Rubberneck's activity STARING
Run the country RULE
Says, in teenspeak GOES
Sergeant's command UNIT
Serial for lunch? SOAP
Shot in the arm (Abbr.) INJ
Shower off RINSE
Slogan or favorite saying CATCHWORD
Somersaults FLIPS
Sonny James hit song YOUNGLOVE
Standoffish ICY
Starting pitcher's goal WIN
Statistical information DATA
Stick your neck out CRANE
Stimulated ATINGLE
Straighten out AMEND
Strong suit ASSET
Subside LAPSE
Sunshine State city OCALA
Support for the church TITHE
Sweethearts HONEYS
Synthesizer inventor MOOG
Talk during a movie? NARRATE
Terrorist organization HAMAS
The Sphinx had a famous one RIDDLE
Theater school study DRAMA
These can be drawn or issued WALKS
They won't take off EMUS
They're used to fashion models KITS
Timeline portion ERA
Tishri comes after it ELUL
To ___ (everyone) AMAN
Toast choices RYES
Tooth cover ENAMEL
Type of milk SKIM
Type of stage line ASIDE
Ulcers SORES
Unmanned aircraft DRONE
Upsets anthills, in a way HOES
Veracious TRUE
Walking ___ (elated) ONAIR
Was the head of RAN
Where attendance is usually taken HOMEROOM
Where to find buns, sometimes NAPES
Whig opponent TORY
Wildebeest features HUMPS
Word form of ''angled'' GON
Wound up ENDED
Zero out ERASE
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