How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 09 2014

"What was ___ do?" ITO
"What ___ you afraid of?" ARE
Approaches NEARS
Arthur Conan Doyle's title SIR
Artist who married a Beatle ONO
Baker's staple COOKIESHEET
Barnes & Noble, and others BOOKDEALERS
Be refurbished and then some LOOKLIKENEW
Bed of nails user FAKIR
Begin a journey SETOUT
Boy, he's a doll! KEN
Brit. military award DSO
Bronco catcher LASSO
Burlesque bits SKITS
Busy clamor ADO
Captivated completely TOOKBYSTORM
Caterpillar hairs, e.g SETAE
Certain native of India ORIYA
Chianti and Bardolino, for two VINOS
Chinese cooking necessity WOK
Colander kin SIEVE
Easy to get along with AMIABLE
Eggs, in science class OVA
Emaciated-looking GAUNT
Etch or sketch DRAW
Excursions TRIPS
Eyelashes CILIA
Fencing prop EPEE
First name in "The Great Gatsby" cast LEO
Floating above the rooftops ALOFT
Fluctuate WAVER
Ghostly apparition SPECTER
Grassland STEPPE
Greens course SALAD
Guitar essential GSTRING
He-men's opposites SISSIES
Historical chapters ERAS
Hole in your tennis shoe EYELET
Horselike African mammal ZEBRA
In an unkempt manner SEEDILY
It could all blow up in your face TNT
It makes waves OAR
Krait, for one SNAKE
Letter-perfect 90-degree bend ELL
Magnavox alternative RCA
Many a low-budget film INDIE
Minstrels' instruments LUTES
More than a lion's share ALL
One with big eyes on the beach OGLER
Paragon of slipperiness EEL
Pineapple-growing island LANAI
Plaintiff or defendant PARTY
Playground fixtures SEESAWS
Plot cover-up SOD
Preceding night EVE
Prefix meaning "cultural" ETHNO
Razzle-dazzle glamour GLITZ
Rock musician Lofgren NILS
Sea off Greece IONIAN
Sewing or shaving thing KIT
Shipping weight deduction TARE
Short end of the stick RAWDEAL
Snatch TAKE
Southeast Asian language LAO
Stitched border HEM
Store that's hard to find? STASH
Supporter of the American Revolution WHIG
Thanksgiving roots YAMS
They form lasting attachments GLUES
Tire gauge reading, in letters PSI
To no ___ (futilely) AVAIL
Twist-off thingy CAP
Unmodernized OLD
Word after "Roger" in ham lingo WILCO
Word before "sayer" SOOTH
Worldwide workers' grp ILO
___-Z ATO
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