How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 07 2016

"Lord Jim" author CONRAD
"One of ___ days . . ." THESE
"This and that" mixture OLIO
Actor DiCaprio LEONARDO
Adrift ATSEA
Annual sports award ROOKIEOFTHEYEAR
Bedside book DIARY
Bit of Florida KEY
Brasserie EATERY
Cambridge sch MIT
Came to earth ALIT
Close friend PAL
Crow's-nest occupants LOOKOUTS
Docked at the pier MOORED
Drill sergeant's title SIR
Fish-and-chips fish COD
Follower for "movie" or "church" GOER
Galahad's strong suit? ARMOR
Gangster's rod GAT
Garden recesses ARBORS
Gunpowder ingredient NITER
Hunter in Genesis NIMROD
Improper, in a way LEWD
In an aimless way IDLY
It soars over the coast ERNE
Just right IDEAL
Kind of deer ROE
Kind of party in Old Rome? TOGA
Lake Victoria country UGANDA
Latin music SALSA
Least adequate BAREST
Lower in rank DEMOTE
Manner STYLE
Manny Machado, for one ORIOLE
Middle Earth dweller ELF
Modernized REDONE
Munro's nom de plume SAKI
Neither heated nor chilled ROOMTEMPERATURE
Not one minute later ONTHEDOT
Notable time ERA
Note from the boss MEMO
Nymph of the mountains OREAD
Part of a ticket STUB
Pinocchio, at times LIAR
Pro ___ (proportionally) RATA
Recruitment org USAF
Related on Mom's side ENATE
Ribbon-shaped fish EEL
Salty, as water SALINE
Schoolyard challenge DARE
Shakespearean commotion ADO
Short horn blast TOOT
Shortened form of a wd ABBR
Singing voice ALTO
Sitting duck EASYMARK
Son of Rebekah ESAU
Sounds of amazement OOHS
Speak SAY
Sports page fig STAT
Swedish monetary unit KRONA
Term start? MID
The "F" in FYI FOR
Theatrical offering DRAMA
Thingies WIDGETS
Traditional Hindu melody RAGA
Transmits SENDS
Trunk with a chest TORSO
Truth-in-lending abbr APR
Turkish title AGA
Type of odds EVEN
University of Florida player GATOR
Where to land lox DELI
Word before XING DEER
___ Novo (African capital) PORTO
___ the line (obeying orders) TOEING
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