How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 07 2015

"Breathing Lessons" author Tyler ANNE
"Check it out!" LOOK
"Elemental ___" (Pablo Neruda work) ODES
"I Am a Lonesome ___" (Bob Dylan song) HOBO
"I beg your pardon?" WHAT
"If ___ Hammer" IHADA
1598 edict city NANTES
Achieve harmony AGREE
Acorns, eventually OAKS
Add fuel to STOKE
Arachnids found in dust MITES
Au ___ (with milk) LAIT
Auxiliaries AIDES
Big-eyed baby OWLET
Brigham Young's settlement state UTAH
Burgoo or hasenpfeffer STEW
Change-of-heart word processing command UNDO
Deep olive green LODEN
Eagle's grabbers TALONS
Females of the pasture EWES
Flapjack-chain letters IHOP
Forty-niner's filing CLAIM
Hardly high-class TACKY
Heroic action DERRINGDO
His companion? HER
Imitate an annoying dog YAP
In regard to ABOUT
Inactive IDLE
Insignificant specks MOTES
It smooths things over IRON
Journalist's viewpoint ANGLE
Large houses MANORS
Lies in wait LURKS
Like a forgotten library book LONGOVERDUE
Like lemon juice ACERB
Literary device IRONY
Look-see PEEK
Makes like a dervish WHIRLS
Moonshine nickname MOUNTAINDEW
Moreover ALSO
Movie credit information ROLE
Mystery Machine passenger SCOOBYDOO
Needing hospital care ILL
Nostrils NARES
Nothing, south of the border NADA
Number-picker's game KENO
Old wives' tales and such LORE
Orca habitats OCEANS
Plural of Mrs., in Paris MMES
Practices for a prizefight SPARS
Puff ___ (hognose snake) ADDER
Puts money in the pot ANTES
Qualify for the consolation round LOSE
Real estate unit ACRE
Sends via plane AIRMAILS
Slothful OTIOSE
Some embers COALS
Sommer of Hollywood ELKE
Sound from a snake pit SSSS
Source of many quotations, for short ANON
Speech subtlety TONE
Steep, rugged rock CRAG
Story of a stadium TIER
Superette, e.g MART
They may be a credit to you LOANS
They separate fair from foul LINES
Throng of people HORDE
Tortured feeling AGONY
Traumatize SCAR
Unlikely to offend NICE
Unrefined mineral ORE
Vikings' landing site MARS
What Miss Daisy did RODE
Wino SOT
Yuletide purchase TREE
___-Cat (winter vehicle) SNO
___-crazy (restless) STIR
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