How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 06 2019

'All My Children' vixen erica
'Chinatown' genre noir
'Oh, come on!' please
'Smooth Operator' band sade
'The Incredibles' character ___ Mode edna
'Woman With a Cat' painter Auguste renoir
2020 Summer Olympics city tokyo
41-Down's facial woe acne
Acer products pcs
Alaska's place in an atlas, often inset
Archer of 'Fatal Attraction' anne
Billy Graham's faith southernbaptist
Bird on Minnesota's state quarter loon
Birler's perch log
Bloodhound's trail scent
Bubble Wrap sound pop
Bulls in china shops oafs
Caitlin Jenner, since 2015 she
Canadian Arctic native inuit
Canine, e.g tooth
Cheetah, to Wonder Woman foe
Cookie with a Peeps variety oreo
Crimson Tide's state (Abbr.) ala
Dinghy need oar
Dog's annoyance flea
Done to death trite
Dorothy, to Em niece
Drop in a mail slot send
Dry run test
Expected in due
Fall into decay rot
Fezzes and fedoras hats
Fit for a queen regal
Five-min. NBA periods ots
French dish with a cheesy topping onionsoup
Get down pat learn
Get wind of hear
Gibbon, e.g ape
Goes out with sees
Greasy spoon handout menu
Hangs down, like an eyelid droops
Hankers after wants
Hines dance style tap
Incredible bargain steal
Incubator sound peep
Isn't quite vertical leans
Landing gear part tire
Litter box emanations odors
Mandlikova of tennis hana
Metal in appliance manufacture coldrolledsteel
Movie with monsters creaturefeature
National flower of India lotus
O.K. Corral surname earp
Office space calculation area
Oktoberfest beverages ales
Old Testament book after Job psalms
One of a Navy elite seal
Oregon-based sneaker brand avia
Payment for office space rent
Photo ops for crime reporters perpwalks
Picks up on gets
Places for laundry instructions labels
Play opener acti
Pothole goo tar
Recharge one's batteries rest
Ronny Howard tyke opie
Select, with 'for' opt
Shampoo in a green bottle prell
Sleep clinic study apnea
Starts a badminton point serves
Student driver, usually teen
Swallow's home nest
TMI part too
Turn red, say dye
Turned informer ratted
Weight room unit rep
Wildlife tracking aid eartag
Word before talk or rally pep
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