How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 06 2014

"Cant" or "Hallow" ending EEN
"Lord of the Rings" creature ORC
Archer or Boleyn ANNE
Bar at the bar ESTOP
Beginning of an old cassette tape LEADER
Bleating sound BAA
Brownish-grey TAUPE
Call ___ night (retire) ITA
Call's partner BECK
Capital near Stockholm OSLO
Cherry center PIT
Completes the defense RESTS
Consider to be alike EQUATE
Dangerous virus EBOLA
Electrical resistance unit OHM
Falana or Montez LOLA
Featherbrain NITWIT
Fine and ___ DANDY
Flashlight emission BEAM
Follies REVUE
Freckled comics character ARCHIE
Has very high hopes LOOKSTOTHESTARS
Head of the anatomy class? SKULL
Hole-punching tools AWLS
Hot-firecracker link ASA
Initial stage ONSET
Intl. oil group OPEC
Intrigued by INTO
Intro maker EMCEE
Ireland, formerly EIRE
Jelly seen on buffet tables STERNO
Justice Dept. raiders ATF
Landlord's charge RENT
Like MacDonald OLD
Like many a cold 51-Down SHORN
Line on an invoice NET
List under assets OWN
Little darlings DEARS
Look suggestively LEER
Lot of construction SITE
Made a typo, e.g ERRED
Madeline of "Blazing Saddles" KAHN
Mai ___ cocktail TAI
Make like a snake COIL
Make official, as a law ENACT
Noble Italian family that yielded four popes MEDICI
Not "aye" NAY
Offering from the fat lady ARIA
Once around, to an astronaut ORBIT
Outburst from Homer Simpson DOH
Pesters ANNOYS
Physical injury HARM
Quotes, as an expert CITES
Red Cross hero DONOR
Romantic trip for husband and wife SECONDHONEYMOON
Second-stringers SUBS
Sends to cloud nine ELATES
Showed signs of aging GRAYED
Sound from a test cheater? PSST
Suffix with "ball" or "buff" OON
Taken dishonestly STOLEN
Team data WINS
Tempest in a teapot ADO
They prove you are you IDENTITYCARDS
They were created "in the beginning" HEAVENSANDEARTH
Walk like a rooster STRUT
Weather vane dir., sometimes ENE
Website info section FAQ
When purchased alone EACH
Where profit is likely SELLERSMARKET
White lion of old cartoons KIMBA
William Tell's canton URI
Wool wearers SHEEP
Word after prayer or scatter RUG
Word said with a head slap IDIOT
___-relief (sculpture style) BAS
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