How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 05 2004

"Buy one get one free" offer TWOFER
"Ghostbusters" director Reitman IVAN
"Illiad" and "Odyssey," e.g. EPOS
"Monday Night Football" network ABC
"The Glass Bead Game" author HESSE
"Twittering Machine" painter KLEE
"___ on down the road" EASE
Adrenaline surge RUSH
Atom negatively charged ANION
Baggins the hobbit BILBO
Bill Clinton's instrument TENORSAX
Black, in verse EBON
Bombard PELT
Bundle of energy DYNAMO
Completely wrecked TOTALED
Computer programming language PROLOG
Contemplate MULL
Den mother? LION
Did in, Samson style SLEW
Director Spike LEE
Director's direction ENTER
Dizzying design OPART
Egyptian immortal OSIRIS
Family of Highlanders CLAN
Feature of color, but not collar ONEL
Ferdinand of WWI FOCH
First baseman Martinez TINO
Frenzied AGOG
Great blue wader HERON
Greece's Constantine II, for one EXILE
Group of quails BEVY
Group race RELAY
Half a bray HAW
Half a Polynesian island BORA
Honorary Oscar awardee, 1991 LOY
Hot condiment SALSA
Housecat's perch, sometimes SILL
Iowas relatives OTOS
Largest snake in the world ANACONDA
Lickety-split INNOTIME
Ming the Merciless, e.g. EMPEROR
Negri of the silent screen POLA
Nobel Prize subj. ECON
Non-academic resident TOWNIE
Not year-round SEASONAL
Nutmeg, e.g. SEED
Organize SORT
Parched ARID
Part of London or Manhattan SOHO
Pinza and Chaliapin BASSOS
Plays for a sucker CONS
Prairie wolf COYOTE
Prefix with centric or biology ETHNO
Put holy oil on ANOINT
Put in a horizontal position REPOSE
Queens Park REGO
Sentimental, and then some SOPPY
Serve that zings ACE
Serving in "Nicholas Nickleby" MORSEL
Seward Peninsula cape NOME
Shaq's surname ONEAL
She'll "always have Paris" ILSA
Shoemaker Thom MCAN
Short narrative CONTE
Slight quake TREMOR
Sought-after HOT
Sound that fakes boredom SNORE
Street talk, e.g. ARGOT
Targets for mice ICONS
UK awards OBES
Under a false ID INCOG
Undertakings TASKS
Unite on the run ELOPE
Veiled dancer? SALOME
Way off base AWOL
Weeping statue of myth NIOBE
___ plume NOMDE
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