How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 03 2014

"Are you serious?" WHAT
"No ___, ands or buts!" IFS
Accepted practices MORES
And others, in brief ETAL
Animal's hindquarter HAUNCH
Antony's attire TOGA
Aquatic plant ALGA
Bake sale org PTA
Be less than generous STINT
Bee flat? HIVE
Boy in a Cash tune SUE
British nobleman EARL
Cambodian neighbor LAO
Casual tops TSHIRTS
Chum, e.g BAIT
Cubby holes? DENS
Didn't feel well AILED
Diminishes in intensity ABATES
Elephant gone amok ROGUE
English counties SHIRES
Fictional lab assistant IGOR
Former Finnish money MARKKAA
Girl's name in a Kinks hit LOLA
Grabbed a bite ATE
Have markers OWE
Having the necessary power ABLE
Hit a mixer button BLEND
Hooterville sitcom GREENACRES
Hungarian composer Bela BARTOK
Indian domestic help AMAH
Instructions part STEP
It may be used for warnings AMBERLIGHT
Kukla and Ollie's friend FRAN
Large lemur INDRI
Largest living animals BLUEWHALES
Last word of the Bible AMEN
Like fine wine AGED
Like some horses SHOED
Lowly worker PEON
More astute SHREWDER
Natural balm ALOE
Not at home AWAY
Palace figures GUARDS
Place on the WWW SITE
Prepare a salad TOSS
Prison uprising RIOT
Professor Henry Jones Jr.'s nickname INDY
Profits, informally TAKE
Put on a happy face BEAM
Relating to musical notes TONAL
Shakedown cruise TRIALRUN
Shout-out heard at Cheers NORM
Singer Stefani GWEN
Slithery slayer ASP
Social gathering EVENT
Sounds of disapproval TUTS
Splits violently RENDS
Staircase post NEWEL
Start for way or wife MID
Storied temptress SIREN
Storybook monster OGRE
Synthetic rubber BUTYL
Talk show invitees GUESTS
Tall hickory PECAN
Ten make a buck DIMES
The soft end of the Mohs scale TALC
Tit for ___ TAT
Tooth's anchor ROOT
Two in a row? OARS
Volcano near Messina ETNA
Who blows thar? SHE
Witness-stand pledge OATH
Words before "date" or "world record" SETA
Youngster from 10 to 12 TWEEN
Zoo houseful APES
___ among thieves HONOR
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