How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 30 2003

"Beetle Bailey" pooch OTTO
"Begone!" SHOO
"Blondie" or "Cathy" COMIC
Acclaimed HAILED
Afternoon retreat SIESTA
Beat by a whisker EDGE
Boxer's refuge, perhaps ROPES
Bride follower? TRAIN
Button on a disposal RESET
Came to a conclusion? ENDED
Car wash step RINSE
Carpenter's joint DADO
Celebratory poems ODES
Cheese chunk WEDGE
Clear a hurdle LEAP
Cockamamie INANE
Comeback of a sort ECHO
Coward of note NOEL
Culinary direction STIR
Deep black INKY
Dixieland Al HIRT
Earmark TAG
Enough, for some ONCE
Exalt extremely DEIFY
Fine cotton PIMA
Goat antelope SEROW
Humidifier output VAPOR
Ill-mannered one BOOR
Impart LEND
In need of changing WET
It may be airtight ALIBI
Joule fraction ERG
Lemons DUDS
Lets touch them NETS
Mix it up, in a way SPAR
Most suitable IDEAL
Much too talkative GASSY
Norse god of art and culture ODIN
One way to make a bough break LOP
Orion's left foot RIGEL
Othello game piece DISC
Passing notice OBIT
Pelvic bones ILIA
Poem's final stanza ENVOI
Postfixes ADDS
Property claim LIEN
Put on the payroll HIRE
Revealing work of art? NUDE
Sacred image ICON
Send packing EVICT
Set straight ALIGN
Seward's Folly ALASKA
Shanghai staple RICE
Shenanigan ANTIC
Shot for an ailing pitcher CORTISONE
Society rookie DEB
Something for your eyes only DROPS
Spotted SEEN
Sultanate controlled by the Portuguese 1508-1659 OMAN
Take the honey and run ELOPE
Teamster's rig SEMI
There's nothing in here VACUUM
Tittle IOTA
Toupee RUG
Turned on the waterworks WEPT
Unfrequented LONELY
Velvet ant, for one WASP
Verdi heroine AIDA
What a shrug might mean IDONTKNOW
Word with sing or string ALONG
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