How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 27 2012

"Bennie and the Jets" singer John ELTON
"Designing Women" actress Annie POTTS
Acted boldly DARED
Agatha Christie genre MYSTERY
All over again ANEW
Baffled, befogged and befuddled ATSEA
Bankroll WAD
Beat, performance-wise OUTDO
Belly-flop effect SPLASH
Big smile GRIN
Blue-book composition ESSAY
Bootlicker YESMAN
Brook sound MURMUR
Button for a bowler RESET
Cambridge initials MIT
Capital of Germany? EURO
Carnival features RIDES
Charitable donation ALMS
Charlotte of "The Facts of Life" RAE
Col.'s boss GEN
Completion of 31-Down COMESHINE
Concealed PERDU
Contentious subject ISSUE
Continuous-play tape LOOP
Countdown penultimate ONE
Determined one's phrase (with 59-Across) COMERAINOR
Dinghy tool OAR
Dinner crumbs ORTS
Does in, mob-style OFFS
Employees in the sugar industry REFINERS
Fail to field a grounder BOOT
Frightfully strange EERIE
Give the impression SEEM
Guitar amp effect ECHO
Gymnastics star Korbut OLGA
Hereditary factors GENES
High chiefs of sports TSARS
Himalayan guide SHERPA
Indian tourist city MYSORE
It grows on you HAIR
Jerusalem neighbor BETHEL
Jessica of Hollywood ALBA
Light-colored, as hair BLOND
Medium-sized young chickens FRYERS
Metal wrap FOIL
More like a Christmas tree PINIER
Neighbor of Wyo IDA
One at the top of the board LEADER
One way to be diverse RACIALLY
Oodles RAFTS
Oscar winner Patricia NEAL
Pamplona charger TORO
Part of a prison YARD
Pillow cover SHAM
Provides with new weapons REARMS
See 17-Across ORFORWORSE
Some Feds AGENTS
Start of a marriage promise (with 11-Down) FORBETTER
Strawberry-patch bane EARWIG
They often brown-bag it WINOS
Took a shot in the dark GUESSED
Two-dimensional calculation AREA
Under sedation OUT
Utility customers USERS
Vein contents ORE
Vowel change in related words ABLAUT
Was an obedient doggie, in a way STAYED
Whimper like a kitten MEWL
Wide, lacy collars BERTHAS
Woman of the future? GIRL
Wood for 36 keys EBONY
Worship ADORE
Young louse NIT
___ and outs INS
___ Moines DES
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