How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 22 2018

'57 Varieties' brand heinz
'Call Me Caitlyn' magazine vanityfair
'Didn't hurt a bit!' imok
'Ghostbusters' goo slime
'The Tonight Show' producer Michaels lorne
A whole bunch lots
Assess too hastily prejudge
Autograph hounds' needs pens
Barbecuing wood mesquite
Basset hound's danglers ears
Begin a Broadway run open
Bireme propellers oars
Blue ribbon, e.g award
Boxer's earnings purse
Brought the curtain down on ended
Budweiser buy case
Builders' diagrams plans
Clark of Metropolis kent
Cracker in many recipes ritz
Desktop option since 1998 imac
Diligent worker's hope raise
Disaster movie? flop
Do a filling station task pump
Dugout heckler benchjockey
Dusk-to-dawn party rave
Elks' gathering place lodge
Entrepreneurial Musk elon
Epps of 'Almost Christmas' omar
Evergreens used in bowmaking yews
Facial signs of fatigue eyebags
Fastener on diapers velcro
Foreman defeater in 1974 ali
Former Egypt-Syria alliance (Abbr.) uar
Go downhill, in a way wane
Gossip magazine couple item
Had down cold knew
Handicrafts-selling site etsy
He may call you out ump
In chess, they're men queens
Infant's wail wah
Knitwear synthetic orlon
Layered hairstyles shags
Leave stealthily slipaway
Like a soft persimmon ripe
Like a wilted flower limp
Like many company cars onlease
Many millennia eons
Mentalist's gift, for short esp
Monopoly square depicting a car freeparking
Mushroom's genesis spore
Nasty habit vice
Not lopsided even
Note after fa sol
Orderly arrangement array
Per-hour payment rate
Petty scrap spat
Photo on a metal plate tintype
Pin-up's leg, slangily gam
Places for gliders hangars
Playground game redrover
Prepare, as cabbage for slaw shred
Rifle-twirling group drillcorps
River through Lake Geneva rhone
Seals with pitch tars
Send out emit
Serpentine shape ess
Serve a summons to cite
Shoelace annoyance knot
Sports stars, to young fans icons
State with certainty aver
Steer snagger lasso
Suffer a lack of want
Teeth that mesh cogs
Theater or cake features tiers
Top the field win
Trig, calc et al math
Word before bait or wire live
___ size (like Halloween candy) fun
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