How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 18 2004

"Am not!" answer ARESO
"Don't touch!" KEEPOFF
"Friends" friend ROSS
"Let's get outta here!" RUNFORIT
"Pal Joey" novelist John OHARA
"Penny ___" LANE
"That ___ then, this . . ." WAS
"The Alienist" novelist CARR
Always, poetically EER
Amber brew ALE
Auspices AEGIS
Bar or bakery buys RYES
Better qualified ABLER
Boneheads DOLTS
British author Blyton ENID
Bruins great Bobby ORR
Bygone despots TSARS
Capt.'s heading, perhaps ESE
Cardinal O'Connor's successor EGAN
Charger STEED
Checked out EYED
Chemical snake DRANO
Civil rights activist Parks ROSA
Coll. seniors' test GRE
Cop's collar PERP
Cub that was robbed by a fan ALOU
Cumulus lead-in ALTO
Diplomatic staff member ATTACHE
Drive out of ROUST
Dunkable treat OREO
Family follower TIES
Family school org. PTA
First name in jeans LEVI
Fit to bust SATED
Former Kremlin news source PRAVDA
Fountain maintainer SODAJERK
Giant legend Mel OTT
Gin flavoring SLOE
Grave letters? RIP
Guitarist Lofgren NILS
Inclusive abbr. ETAL
Insertion mark CARET
Jack and the missus SPRATS
Kind of jack EARPHONE
McGwire contemporary SOSA
Mexican moolah PESO
Middling mark CEE
Moroccan coastal region RIF
Musical phrase mark SLUR
New Haven student ELI
Newt in transition EFT
No matter which ANY
Outer limits EDGES
Prepare for the press EDIT
Print with acid ETCH
Ringo's john LOO
Rock producer Brian ENO
Shed door device HASP
Small combo TRIO
Some are of the heart AFFAIRS
Split-rattan worker CANER
Sponge off FREELOAD
Spumante source ASTI
Stand in a museum EASEL
Stopped running DIED
Straddled, e.g. SATON
Terrestrial sphere EARTH
Throws in ADDS
Warm winterwear LONGJOHNS
Way back when ONCE
Where "The Sopranos" come from HBO
Whoopi Goldberg film SISTERACT
Witt's surface ICE
Word with Bay or gray AREA
___-friendly USER
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