How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 17 2014

"Are we there ___?" YET
A deadly sin GREED
Aardvarks eat them ANTS
Airport guesses, for short ETAS
Avoid at all costs STEERCLEAR
Basil-garlic sauce PESTO
Big party BASH
Boredom ENNUI
Buoyant wood BALSA
CBS rival ABC
Cease-fire cause TRUCE
Church midsection NAVE
Days long gone YORE
Filly GIRL
Fine fiddle AMATI
Geneticist's study RNA
Graduation deliveries ORATIONS
Harsh sounds NOISES
How the euphoric walk ONAIR
Intolerant BIGOTED
It can be treated with insulin DIABETES
It's counterfeit FUNNYMONEY
Kimono ties OBIS
Kitchen gadget GRATER
Ladies' club policy NOMEN
Less than right? ACUTE
Mark Twain, for Samuel Clemens PENNAME
More than dislike HATE
Myanmar, formerly BURMA
NFL center's responsibility SNAP
Nursery glower NIGHTLIGHT
One-half of a fl. oz TBSP
Out-of-date OBSOLETE
Part of the teacup EAR
Pesky bug GNAT
Pick the pick of the litter CULL
Play up to the audience GRANDSTAND
Plays for a sap USES
Pre- and neo- ending NATAL
Quiet period LULL
Rapscallion IMP
Rhythm instrument DRUM
Run-down housing sections (var.) GHETTOES
Russian dynasts of the past TSARS
Saucehound SOT
Shake hands (on) AGREE
Show team spirit ROOT
Shrek, e.g OGRE
Site for a bell DOOR
Slowly permeate SEEP
Soil type LOAM
Some fetes ROASTS
Steam room sites SPAS
Suffix for "star" LET
Tag chasers ITS
Tank buildup ALGAE
That special leader? ISNT
Theater walkway AISLE
They can get rough SEAS
They vibrate in snorers PALATES
They're protected by lids and lashes EYES
Thing in one year and out the other FAD
Three-toed bird RHEA
To-do lists AGENDAS
Tournament passes BYES
Tractor-trailers RIGS
Type of dog or dollar TOP
Units of money in Bulgaria LEVA
Uttar Pradesh city AGRA
Voltaire, by belief DEIST
Was a nag CARPED
Whit or wee bit IOTA
Wise leader? OTHER
Woods unit TREE
Word for Yorick ALAS
X-ray dosages RADS
___ Leandro, Calif SAN
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