How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 16 2012

". . . have made it ___ of thieves" (Matt. 21:13) ADEN
"Alice's Restaurant" singer Guthrie ARLO
"East of ___" EDEN
"The ___ Airbender" LAST
1979 Nastassja Kinski title role TESS
A crow's-nest tops it MAST
A ___ formality MERE
Accounting entry DEBIT
Actor Guinness or Baldwin ALEC
Actress Tripplehorn JEANNE
Alphabet sequence STU
Amtrak transportation RAIL
Aristotle's seventh letter ETA
Break in friendly relations RIFT
Can't live without NEED
Chicken-king center ALA
Clio, Erato or Urania MUSE
Commit a faux pas ERR
Cotton unit BALE
Country on the Caspian IRAN
Daisylike bloom ASTER
Diddley, Jackson and Derek BOS
Director of "Marty" MANN
Director's shout ACTION
Doctor of sci-fi WHO
Dumpster item TRASHBAG
Endless time periods ETERNITIES
Flings HURLS
Footwear seller's implement SHOEHORN
French impressionist artist Edouard MANET
From scratch ANEW
Genesis son SETH
Handwoven fabric with pictorial designs ARRAS
Honest-to-goodness REAL
Indira Gandhi's father NEHRU
Inflatable floater RAFT
Jammed with the band SATIN
Japanese title SAN
Kicker's target, perhaps SHIN
Landlord's document LEASE
Lemon candy DROP
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Luau loops LEIS
Luxuriant LUSH
Make a scene? ACT
Mineral springs SPAS
Notched, as a leaf EROSE
Observe Yom Kippur ATONE
Old English bard SCOP
On the quiet side, nautically ALEE
Perry Mason's creator Gardner ERLE
Plays with Lego blocks ERECTS
Plea at sea SOS
Pool table success RUN
Prepare the laundry SORT
Rightfully deserve EARN
Severely injured MAIMED
Sign of stage success? SRO
Silenced, as a TV MUTED
Singer Murray or author Rice ANNE
Sneak attack AMBUSH
Sports authority? COACH
Stood out in the crowd SHONE
Stop making a scene? WRAP
Suffix for "bull" or "fool" ISH
Tear asunder RIVE
They may be against you ODDS
They're raised in revelry ROOFS
Trout tote CREEL
Type of room in cyberspace CHAT
University of Illinois locale URBANA
Was visibly awestruck GAPED
Wolf's stare? LEER
Word before "fast" and after "home" STEAD
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