How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 16 2009

". . . blackbirds, baked in ___" APIE
"Come ___, the water's fine!" ONIN
"It's Raining ___" MEN
"Love Story" author Erich SEGAL
"The Dark Knight," e.g. MEGAHIT
"___ Misbehavin'" AINT
"___-la-la" TRA
1054, to Caesar MLIV
Add a rider EMEND
Aerobic bit STEP
Aphrodite's boyfriend ARES
Austin Powers' favorite kind of carpet? SHAG
Auto mechanic GREASEMONKEY
Brand in the freezer section BREYERS
Brazilian state on the Atlantic BAHIA
Certain wading bird EGRET
Cul-de-___ SAC
Cyclist Armstrong LANCE
Despicable sort SLIMEBALL
Despot Amin IDI
Disney World transport TRAM
Dockworker's org. ILA
Down Under bird EMU
Each, slangily APOP
Ex of the Donald IVANA
Filmmaker Joel or Ethan COEN
Former Hoosier cager Thomas ISIAH
Gallivant TRAIPSE
Gems mined mostly in Australia OPALS
Gene Simmons' group KISS
Greenskeeper's supply SOD
Highly educated LEARNED
Himalayan guide SHERPA
Hybrid whose father is a lion LIGER
In any way ATALL
Intro drawing class ARTI
It lies beneath Wayne Manor BATCAVE
Lets off steam VENTS
Low vocal range BASS
Mai ___ TAI
Memorable mission ALAMO
Narragansett baby PAPOOSE
Native American sport LACROSSE
Nebraska hub OMAHA
Non-Rx OTC
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Paramedics give it AID
Poetic dusk EEN
Pond critters (Var.) AMEBAS
Pool division LANE
Princess topper TIARA
Pro bono TV spot, for short PSA
Profitable signs for angels SROS
Puts on cargo LADES
Santa ___, Calif. ANA
Serta competitor SEALY
Silent butler deposit ASH
Sitcom luminary Griffith ANDY
Sloppy digs STY
Slow, in music LARGO
Soak to the max SATURATE
Spill source, perhaps OILTANKER
Suffix indicating residency ITE
Supporting staff CANE
Sword's covering SHEATH
Tablelands MESAS
The piper's son TOM
Utterance from Elsie MOO
View through a keyhole PEEKAT
Violent disorder RIOT
Volunteer's offer ILLGO
Whirling waters EDDY
Winged monster who fought Godzilla RODAN
With regard to ANENT
Witness stand statement OATH
Word on an express checkout sign ITEMS
___-and-stick labels PEEL
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