How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 14 2011

"Made in the ___" (clothing label) USA
"The Iron Horse" Gehrig LOU
"The ___ and the Pendulum" PIT
43-Across, for example NOBLE
A judge is one TRIER
Acquianted with powerful people WELLCONNECTED
Airport message that elicits groans DELAYED
Alligator's home, in urban myths SEWER
Any one of a slapstick trio STOOGE
Appointment book entry DATE
Aquarium pet, perhaps TURTLE
Assembled masses CROWDS
Baker's measure CUP
Bio class abbr. RNA
Blind segment SLAT
Blue as the ocean AZURE
Boardwalk extensions PIERS
Catches some rays TANS
Certain compass dir. ENE
Change color, as leaves TURN
Comedy show segments SKITS
Countess' spouse EARL
Debt acknowledgements IOUS
Debtor's ink color, traditionally RED
Enjoyed the buffet ATE
Entices LURES
Evaluate ASSESS
Feelings of boredom ENNUIS
Fill to the gills SATE
Final notice? OBIT
Follow a pattern, perhaps SEW
Ginger cookie SNAP
Grammarian's concern USAGE
Hanging loose ATEASE
Hard to get a reaction out of? INERT
Hardware store boxful SCREWS
Hot, on a Chinese menu SPICY
Hydrotherapy facility SPA
Ice great who played for Boston ORR
Instructor for hire TUTOR
Large cask TUN
Like Bart, among the Simpson siblings ELDEST
Like some nice hotels FOURSTAR
Middle Eastern org. founded in 1964 PLO
Miner's lode ORE
Nasal openings NARES
Non-P.C. suffix ESS
Not worth a ___ SOU
Oscar winner for "A Fish Called Wanda" KLINE
Passionate in belief WILDEYED
Possesses HAS
Pound of poetry EZRA
Presidential nickname ABE
Punjabi policeman's club LATHI
Rabbits' tails SCUTS
Ran on red IDLED
Recording technician SOUNDENGINEER
River transport CANOE
Santa ___ winds ANA
Some bridge positions EASTS
Spanish menu offering PAELLA
Spellchecker's prey TYPO
Star of the rotation ACE
Turns topsy-turvy UPENDS
Wading bird found in Florida EGRET
What hiring your nephew is NEPOTIC
Wind off a spool UNREEL
Woodman's composition TIN
Word after "per" CAPITA
Your sister's daughters NIECES
___ de Cologne EAU
___ Island, N.Y. STATEN
___ New Guinea PAPUA
___ the run (munch while in motion) EATON
___-hugger (environmentalist) TREE
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