How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 11 2010

"___ about time!" ITS
About 624 billion electron-volts ERG
Airport sign-holder GREETER
An enthusiast of INTO
Art colony outside Santa Fe TAOS
Bedecked ARRAYED
Black-and-white bites OREOS
Botch a catch ERR
Cabbage creation SLAW
Calendar unit YEAR
Car commercial road shape ESS
Casa cookware OLLA
Chihuahua or Maryland STATE
Cobbler's activity SOLING
Colorado resort ASPEN
Corner office occupant, often BOSS
Cosecants' reciprocals SINES
D.C. fundraisers PACS
Dadaism co-founder ARP
December dairy case offering NOG
Declares to be true AVERS
Degenerate badly ROT
Disenchanted fan, at times BOOER
Draw absentmindedly DOODLE
English ruling house after York TUDOR
Fat lady's solo? ARIA
Figure on a fiver ABE
Filmmaker Moore MICHAEL
Fleet feline CHEETAH
Flight that never takes off STAIR
Flu symptom AGUE
Flying stunt LOOP
Gamblers rack them up DEBTS
Get rid of PURGE
Going from port to port ASEA
Gold-related AURIC
Highest orbital point APOGEE
How loners go it ALONE
Hr. at the prime meridian GMT
Hunt and peck, e.g. TYPE
Hustle or bustle ADO
It's a chick thing EGG
Kernel-covered core COB
Large luminous star such as Aldebaran REDGIANT
Like angry bees ASWARM
Linger in the bookstore BROWSE
Looter's paradise RIOT
Monster's locale NESS
Movie studio department WARDROBE
Munich mister HERR
Offshore site, sometimes OILRIG
On the sordid side SEAMY
Opening in "Hollywood Squares" TIC
Prefix with "bit" or "bucks" MEGA
Prefix with "starter" SELF
Prepare an obituary? WRITEOFPASSAGE
River-to-ocean connector ESTUARY
Serves to be reserved LETS
Shrimp boat, e.g. TRAWLER
Steel-driving man of myth HENRY
Stone or Stallone SLY
Swindler's easy target SAP
Sylvester, to Tweety TAT
Tam wearer's tongue ERSE
The sound of rustling gift paper set to music? WRAPCONCERT
Time of reckoning DDAY
Troop's encampment ETAPE
Turns over, as land CEDES
Type of caviar BELUGA
Visual layer UVEA
Web-address ending, often COM
What to do before starting a new wash? WRINGOUTTHEOLD
What's more ALSO
Win the favor of ENDEAR
Word with "mouse" or "lily" PAD
___ Lanka SRI
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