How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 10 2019

'Poker Face' singer, informally gaga
Act the nomad rove
Arrange in rows align
Barnyard waddler goose
Be sympathetic relate
Big-time nuisance royalpain
Blender spinners blades
Brined salmon lox
Cart-pulling bovines oxen
Cash in Kobe yen
Checker or chess piece man
Chewy Hershey treat rolo
Court attire robes
Deck in a reading tarot
Downright disgusting nasty
Dreidel's movement spin
Drink box filler juice
Duel weapon in 'Hamlet' rapier
Ear-shaped shellfish abalone
Enter, as through a narrow doorway funnelin
Farthest from the center outer
Gnawing hunger, e.g urge
GNP part gross
Google Earth image aerialphoto
Grapes purchase bunch
Harsh-smelling acrid
Hold the rights to own
In a trustworthy way reliably
In suspense agog
Infused beverage tea
Is in sick bay ails
Lane of the Daily Planet lois
Las Vegas gridders, effective 2020 raiders
Laugh-inducing lines quips
Lauren of fashion ralph
Less-traveled routes byways
Locker room handout towel
Maid of honor's group bridalparty
Muddies up roils
Northern abodes igloos
On the side of pro
Org. whose logo contains a tee pga
Outmoded summoner beeper
Period named for something era
Photographer Diane played by Nicole Kidman arbus
Physicist's bit atom
Presidential thumbs-down veto
Primatologist's study ape
Quotable Yogi berra
Release, as radiation emit
Removed, as a tattoo lased
Rock climber's aid rope
Roller rink shapes ovals
Rose garden invaders aphids
Rubber bone, e.g dogtoy
Safe from hackers secure
Sales staff's target quota
Scoring system based on total strokes medalplay
Serve 4-Down pour
Some square dancers gals
Sound at a dairy moo
State unflinchingly avow
Surrounders of pupils irises
Talks to like a brat sasses
Tarzan's ride vine
The Parthenon, e.g ruin
Tireless sort dynamo
Try to buy via eBay bidon
Tyke's transgression nono
Uses a crowbar on pries
Wearing less barer
Without reserve fully
Write 'a lot' as 'alot,' say err
Yale, e.g., informally ivy
Yardbirds' homes jails
___ serif (type style) sans
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