How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 06 2011

"Arrivederci ___" ROMA
"Broom-Hilda" creator Myers RUSS
"Buona ___" (Italian greeting) SERA
"Dynamic" start AERO
"Live ___ or Die" (N.H. motto) FREE
"You ___ here" ARE
"___ volunteers?" ANY
Angelic instrument HARP
Army base CAMP
Arrange in a cabinet FILE
Author Waugh ALEC
Banana oil and others ESTERS
Barley bristle AWN
Bauhaus offshoot OPART
Be loose-lipped BLAB
Belching flames, e.g. AFIRE
Billionaire Buffett WARREN
Burn soother ALOE
California vineyard valley NAPA
Cast a creepy glance LEER
Certain Mountain State UTAH
Certain West Coast baseball player PADRE
Children's author Roald DAHL
City on the Aare BERN
Civil rights pioneer Parks ROSA
Clark's partner in exploration LEWIS
Clay for brickmaking ADOBE
Cul-de-___ SAC
Cutting down, as a tree FELLING
Dubbed one SIR
Engine part FANBELT
Export of 57-Across MARBLE
Extremist's prefix ULTRA
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Flow's counterpart EBB
Four-on-the-floor feature STICKSHIFT
Further shorten, as a piece of wood RESAW
Garner EARN
Goes downhill fast? SKIS
Harder to locate RARER
Hindu misters BABUS
How the euphoric walk ONAIR
Hundreds of centuries EONS
It checks your speed BRAKEPEDAL
It prevents coolant from escaping RADIATORCAP
Italian city with quarries CARRARA
Kimono cincher OBI
Large silvery fish TARPON
Like an out-of-state elector's ballot ABSENTEE
Little chicken BANTAM
Mischief-making Norse god LOKI
Moon goddess LUNA
More cagey SLIER
Most nuts DOTTIEST
Mystique AURA
One Earth orbit YEAR
One of a world majority ASIAN
Operatic type BUFFO
Parachute fabric NYLON
Poor grades DEES
Quieting feature of some muscle cars DUALMUFFLER
Razor-sharp KEEN
Roman place of business FORUM
Russo of Hollywood RENE
Similar in nature AKIN
Sinus cavities ANTRA
Slightest sound PEEP
Slim swimmer EEL
Small, slender nail BRAD
Surrealist artist Max ERNST
Tater Smith's pa SNUFFY
Title for da Vinci's Lisa MONA
Toiletry case ETUI
Uneven haircut SHAG
Verve BRIO
War correspondent EMBED
Wood-shaping tool LATHE
Word with "circus" or "flicker" FLEA
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