How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 02 2019

'Contact' author Carl sagan
'Cut that out!' dont
'Days of Grace' author Arthur ashe
'Great' boy detective nate
'Saved' score on the links par
Agnew who resigned spiro
Anew skin care brand avon
Babbled incessantly ranon
Banded stone onyx
Basted, perhaps sewed
Break down grammatically parse
Broken mirrors, to some omens
Chemical in drain cleaners lye
Choose, with 'for' opt
Contract loopholes, e.g outs
Desktop 3-Down icon
Didn't play it safe dared
Driver's license datum name
Drop a ___ on (rat out) dime
Early home computer maker atari
ENT part ear
Fancy neckwear cravat
Fastball, slangily heat
Gave in a little bent
Gross, to a tot icky
Hard-to-understand legalese, e.g obtuselanguage
High-energy gogo
Home with a door flap tepee
HOMES quintet lakes
In fighting shape trim
It gets four beats in 4/4 time wholenote
It may result in inability to speak acutelaryngitis
It pumps blood to the lungs rightventricle
Jefferson Memorial topper dome
Locomotive part cab
Luau strings, for short ukes
Make ecstatic send
Mothers of drones queenbees
Mount Rushmore nickname abe
Not concealing a gun clean
On a need-to-know ___ basis
On the lookout alert
Oral care deg dds
Ouse or Oise river
Overeater's woe agita
Partner of red beans rice
Pixel pattern image
Pliocene or Eocene epoch
Poison sumac consequence rash
Prefix meaning 'very small' nano
Reach for the stars gobig
Rockies cat puma
Romney running mate Ryan paul
Roseanne ex Tom arnold
Rosebush pest aphid
S&L offerings iras
Senator Romney's state utah
Serving platter shape oval
Show lineup, informally sked
Shroud city turin
Simon Legree, notably sadist
Sliding or revolving items doors
Solid yellow billiard ball one
Spanish stew pot olla
Spark, as curiosity pique
Swellheads' problems egos
Tracy's Trueheart tess
Trivial gripe nit
Use a cheat sheet crib
Use a swizzle stick stir
Visa alternative, for short amex
Wine town near 2-Down asti
Word on an invoice remit
Word on Irish stamps eire
Words with an ante imin
Work for doubles stunts
Zero at Wimbledon love
___ Lanka sri
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