How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 02 2004

"Out of My League" author PLIMPTON
"Show Boat" author Ferber EDNA
"That's gross!" UGH
"The Magnificent Seven," e.g. OATER
''. . . God ___ our side'' ISON
''From - Eternity'' link HERETO
''The ___-Bitsy Spider'' ITSY
''Unhand me!'' LETGO
Actor Jannings EMIL
Added conditions STRINGSATTACHED
Affirmative gesture NOD
All knotted up EVEN
All there SANE
Alphabet quartet RSTU
As of yet TODATE
Atlanta-based cable channel TNT
Attractive New Jersey skater? HANDSOMEDEVIL
Austin Powers portrayer MYERS
Auto making a comeback? REPO
Bar or bakery buys RYES
Battle scars WOUNDS
Benz finish? ENE
Big bash GALA
Big name in auto racing UNSER
Boss of Hazzard County HOGG
Breathtaking action? GASP
Brood MOPE
Burden of proof ONUS
Buzz Lightyear, for one SPACEMAN
Cabbage units HEADS
Cambridgeshire isle ELY
Canals between Huron and Superior SOO
Capri, for one ISLE
Captain Marvel symbol LIGHTNINGBOLT
Certain pro hoopster, for short MAV
Close with ENDON
Computer geek, e.g. NERD
Confess at the end? ION
Confiscates SEIZES
Controversial 1933 govt. agency TVA
Cornell's ___ Hall SNEE
Delhi drink SPICETEA
Departed without ceremony? ELOPED
Dig in EAT
Diplomacy TACT
Discouraging words NOS
Dry, as in wine SEC
Editor's excision DELE
Egotist's concern SELF
Emerson's ''jealous mistress'' ART
Entreat PRAY
Family room piece SOFA
Farm workers OXEN
Film spool REEL
First name in talk shows ELLEN
Fixture at a pottery KILN
Focus group? EYES
Former husband or wife EXSPOUSE
Freeway trouble SNARL
Future atty.'s exam LSAT
Gear tooth COG
Genteel affair TEA
Harrow rival ETON
Heat source SUN
Hemmed without hawing? SEWED
Hokkaido city OTARU
Home to Columbus OHIO
ICU hookups IVS
If two silkworms raced they'd end in ___ ATIE
In immaculate condition PRISTINE
It may pound the pavement SHOE
It may precede a storm CALM
It's put before the carte? ALA
Kadett maker OPEL
Kind of bar or wire PIANO
La Scala city MILAN
Late-night host LENO
Legal item RES
Lemon and lime drinks ADES
Like an unwelcome diplomat PERSONANONGRATA
List of choices MENU
Little rascal IMP
Lone Ranger's cry HIYO
Manilow song site COPA
Martin of ''Mission: Impossible'' LANDAU
Maximum UTMOST
Mild imprecation DARNIT
Mine entrance ADIT
Minimal progress, so to speak DENT
Moral code ETHICS
Mr. Spock's shipmate SCOTTY
Museum piece RELIC
Not convinced UNSOLD
Oldsmobile model ALERO
Orange Muppet ZOE
Part of NBA, for short ASSN
Pear-shaped instrument LUTE
Perrier competitor EVIAN
Physical starter META
Play segment SCENETWO
Predecessor of Roger and Pierce SEAN
Protects the quarterback BLOCKS
Quantum AMOUNT
Recipe amts. TSPS
Red state? ALERT
Repast MEAL
Reputation NAME
Rising locale? OVEN
Rocky peak TOR
Saintly symbol HALO
Sch. in Storrs, Connecticut UCONN
Scott Turow novel ONEL
Sexist letter start SIRS
Shortens with scissors SNIPS
Show approval NOD
Sight from the Indian Ocean, perhaps YEMEN
Sign over CEDE
Skelton's Kadiddlehopper CLEM
Somewhat ATAD
Speech impediment LISP
Stagger REEL
Start of a Vladimir Nabokov novel ADA
Sticking point CRAW
Stop a ship in open water LAYTO
Student-focused org. PTA
Suffix with major or novel ETTE
Sulk aimlessly MOPE
Target for Dracula VEIN
The Silver St. NEV
They may be fixed or blank STARES
They play the field STARTINGLINEUPS
They're hardly fastidious SLOBS
Three trios NONET
Trails left by animals SPOORS
Trips for new ships MAIDENVOYAGES
Twangy NASAL
Type of bean SOY
Type of felony CLASSA
Ultimate winner CHAMP
Uncompromising position HARDLINE
When nominees are chosen PRIMARYELECTION
Women's follower LIB
Word with lips or change LOOSE
Word with love or hot SEAT
WWII turning pt. DDAY
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
___ River, N.J. TOMS
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