How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 22 2015

"Does she or doesn't she?" mystery DYE
"O Brother, Where Art ___?" THOU
"Once ___ a time . . ." UPON
"Quantum ___" LEAP
"___ Mame" AUNTIE
"___ quam videri" (North Carolina state motto) ESSE
And so forth (Abbr.) ETC
Archaic DATED
Assam, for one TEA
Aswan, for one DAM
Bark sharply YIP
Be a gadabout ROAM
Belonging to that guy HIS
Blackjack option STAY
Capture on cassette TAPE
Captures with a noose SNARES
Catch sight of DESCRY
Christmas Bombing target HANOI
Clairvoyant's claim, for short ESP
Cloned Dolly SHEEP
Computer mistake ERROR
Detach, as a lapel mike UNCLIP
Detective Charlie CHAN
Discombobulated SHAKEN
Do private eye work SPY
Doesn't stay GOES
Dole's 1996 running mate KEMP
Each coach remembers his or hers GREATESTVICTORY
Electrified fish EELS
Fed. purchasing org GSA
Fish eggs ROE
French nobleman COMTE
Game with cues POOL
Greeks gathered here AGORA
Hard to comprehend DEEP
Home to Blarney Castle ERIN
Indian cornbread PONE
Initial stage OUTSET
Khan's title AGA
L.A.-to-Bangor dir ENE
Lacking skill INAPT
Like some prisons Maximumsecurity
Linger aimlessly LOITER
Love of Paris? AMOUR
Make a bubbling sound GURGLE
Mountains or stove RANGE
Oktoberfest drink ALE
On the peak ATOP
Poisonous substance TOXICANT
Prefix meaning "half" DEMI
Rain gutter adjoiners EAVES
Rejected as unworthy SPURNED
Right-angled annexes ELLS
Salt Lake City's home UTAH
Scandinavian area rugs RYAS
Seagull cousin TERN
Sightseer's guide CICERONE
Some strands in a cell RNA
Staring with open mouth AGAPE
Stewbums SOTS
Storm-door feature SCREEN
Suburb of Atlanta SMYRNA
Suffix with "musket" or "ballad" EER
The Big Apple, briefly NYC
Told a falsehood LIED
Triangular sail LATEEN
Trojan hero AENEAS
Troubled UNEASY
Vandalize, e.g DAMAGE
Vending machine inserts ONES
Weapon with a bell-shaped guard EPEE
Well-lubricated OILY
What military heroes deserve UTMOSTRESPECT
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