How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 22 2008

''Acetyl'' ending ENE
''Bells ___ Ringing'' ARE
''Frankenstein'' role IGOR
''Gag me with a spoon!'' UGH
''My country'' follower, in song TIS
''Wit'' and ''pick'' lead-in NIT
1982 Disney film TRON
Ants unit COLONY
Back-to-school mo. SEPT
Barley brew ALE
Bathroom cabinet item COTTONBALL
Benches for the church softball team? PEWS
Break down SOB
Bygone carrier TWA
Cafe concoction LATTE
Canyon thrill-seeker RAFTER
Capital on Upolu APIA
Cheyenne ally ARAPAHO
College interviewees, briefly SRS
Cries from creative people AHAS
Dartboards, e.g. TARGETS
De novo ANEW
Deep-six SCRAP
Delusional fear PARANOIA
Denture part INCISOR
Desirous of WANTING
Duel-purpose equipment? EPEES
Endured an oar-deal? ROWED
Entr'___ (play break) ACTE
Green-skinned dancer in ''Star Wars'' OOLA
Half a bar order TAI
Himalayan legend YETI
Hot stuff TABASCO
In a position of no escape ATBAY
It's wee in a tepee PAPOOSE
Knock off ROB
Like Beau Brummell NATTY
Luau memento LEI
Morgan of the comics REX
Neutron's cousin PROTON
Opening night attendee CRITIC
Oscar's place TRASHCAN
Parking place LOT
Pioneer in Surrealism ERNST
Pooh-pooh DERIDE
Positive principle YANG
Poza ___, Mexico RICA
Put in a straitjacket, e.g. RESTRAIN
Raconteur's offering TALE
Recites, as prayers SAYS
Recording studio staple SOUNDMIXER
Response to a crumpled fax RESEND
Ridley Scott classic ALIEN
Ruminate CHEW
Rupp, for one ARENA
Scam victim SAP
Secret plan PLOT
Since AGO
Small boat of the Far East SAMPAN
Spiny succulent plant ALOE
Spring event APRILSHOWER
Stocking-up time? NOEL
Subjects of Gustavus I SWEDES
The old college cheer RAH
The Pleiades, for one SEPTET
Turtledove's sound COO
Typos and such ERRATA
Use ferric chloride ETCH
Velvet Underground singer Reed LOU
Whistle-blower's exposure FRAUD
Word that rhymes with its opposite HIRE
Word with ''neither'' NOR
You may take a tumble in them LEOTARDS
___ and the Belmonts DION
___ Harbour, Fla. BAL
___-in-waiting (princess's attendant) LADY
___-willow, part of a ''Mikado'' song TIT
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