How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 21 2019

'Drake' poet Alfred noyes
All there, so to speak sane
Assigned an X to, say rated
Barista's artistic creation latte
Baum's cowardly beast lion
Builds a wing, say addson
Burn at the hair salon singe
Busy buzzers bees
Carnival oddball geek
Cassowary kin emu
Cornea-reshaping procedure lasik
D.C. ballplayer nat
Deliverer of intros emcee
Do a laundry task sort
DuPont's wool substitute orlon
Failed at a diet gained
Fantasy league member, e.g sportsbuff
First name at Mount Rushmore abraham
Food, sleep, shelter, etc needs
Fridge decoration magnet
Gawking at ogling
Glitzy party gala
Hamburg's river elbe
Hawaii's county seat hilo
Help desk offering, briefly info
Hertz or coulomb unit
Hightailed it ran
Hissy fit snit
Hitcher's hope ride
Informal letter signoff best
Ipanema's city, for short rio
It may thicken, in a mystery plot
Last-survivor-takes-all plan tontine
Lunar 'sea' mare
Lyric poems written in couplets epodes
Main collection of records masterfile
Make sound again mend
Many an heir son
Message to one's followers tweet
Mighty Dog competitor alpo
Monopoly items dice
Move stealthily edge
Mussed, as hair tousled
Natural skin treatment aloe
Novelist who loved Chopin georgesand
Now and again attimes
Pirate Jack played by Johnny Depp sparrow
Place for a hoop or stud ear
Place for grist mill
Prize for Carter and Obama nobel
Protest gone awry riot
Pungent salad green cress
Raft wood balsa
Raines of old movies ella
Roadie's vanload amps
Rose Bowl shape oval
Same old, same old dailygrind
Scavenger hunter's aid list
Serenaded, say wooed
Sign of impending doom omen
Slopping the hogs, e.g chore
Soda brand since 1924 nehi
Song from Sills aria
Spheres of interest areas
Surrealist Magritte rene
Swirl in a stream eddy
Symbol in a 34-Across hashtag
T.S. who inspired 'Cats' eliot
Talked like a madman raved
Test the weight of heft
Tisdale of 'High School Musical' ashley
Title for Agatha Christie dame
Took the baton led
When the beach is biggest lowtide
Yank's foe reb
Yemeni port aden
Zap with a stun gun tase
___-Cuban (music genre) afro
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