How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 20 2009

" ___ any drop to drink" NOR
"C'mon, ___ a little!" LIVE
"Concentration" pronoun EWE
"Diff'rent Strokes" actress Plato DANA
"Guarding ___" (1994 MacLaine film) TESS
"Match Game" emcee Rayburn GENE
"Needs more ___" SALT
"Poly" closure ESTER
"___ words were never spoken" TRUER
"___, Rattle and Roll" SHAKE
A few laughs HAHAS
A mouse may move across one PAD
Abbr. for an MIT grad, perhaps ENGR
Abscond FLEE
Abu Dhabi ruler EMIR
Adjuncts AIDES
Aid in avoiding the draft? SCARF
Around a long time AGED
Back-alley blade SHIV
Be contrite about RUE
Beggar's quest ALMS
Big name in agribusiness DEERE
Bishop topper MITER
Bit of seafloor flora ALGA
Boorish CRUDE
Bring water to 212 degrees BOIL
Brood watchers HENS
Bugle call REVEILLE
Bushy-tailed monkeys SAKIS
Cab drivers do this TAKEYOUFORARIDE
Carrot-top RED
Caught a glance of ESPIED
Certain singing voices ALTOS
Clarinet necessity REED
Contemplates MUSES
Country singer McCann LILA
Do a chicken dance move FLAP
Eaten away EROSE
Ending in a point PIKED
Fit of shivering AGUE
Guitar forerunner LUTE
Happy golden days of ___ YORE
High on something other than life STONED
Like courtroom arguments ORAL
London lockups GAOLS
Make out like a bandit LINEYOURPOCKETS
Marched with a flute FIFED
Most dexterous YAREST
Muscle-building unit REP
Neon sign word OPEN
Not just in the mind TANGIBLE
Noted garden EDEN
One lacking experience TYRO
Optional course ELECTIVE
Pet parasites FLEAS
Psychic's reading material? AURA
Red-hot ooze LAVA
Rum accompanier COLA
South American strangler ANACONDA
Spend, as time DEVOTE
Spirited quality ELAN
Strip, as bark off trees DENUDE
Taxing event? AUDIT
They may be vaulted APSES
They'll run if you break them EGGS
Third-and-long option PASS
To associate? FRO
Top-notch, in slang PRIMO
Unwelcome look LEER
Videographer's device CAMERA
What a baggage handler may do LIGHTENYOURLOAD
Word in a March 17 phrase ERIN
Yield, as property CEDE
___ of life TREE
___ out (barely make) EKE
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