How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 19 2019

'Cogito, ___ sum' ergo
'The boards,' to an actor stage
'You're something ___!' else
Anna, in Siam tutor
Appears to be seems
Art Deco notable erte
Balkan land claimed by Serbia kosovo
Bare-bones TV service basiccable
Bhutan's locale asia
Bistro beverage wine
Bit of a ruckus stir
BMW competitor, informally mercedes
Boardroom VIP ceo
Bread for gyros pita
Calico, e.g cat
Carrier letters uss
Charlie Brown catchphrase word grief
Clever idea of sorts newwrinkle
Comedy club host emcee
Conked out died
Consecutive-games stat streak
Corn syrup brand karo
Corporate ladder level rung
Diplomats' D.C. neighborhood embassyrow
Dishevel, as hair tousle
Exclusionary group clique
Flimsy, as excuses go lame
Fly fisherman's move cast
Food storage area cupboard
Food storage area larder
Football scoreboard component clock
For fear that lest
In a dead heat even
Information from a broker stockquote
Iron-fisted ruler despot
Kick back, with 'out' veg
Lager alternative ale
Land of the Sphinx egypt
Leave tire marks, perhaps skid
Lusitania sinker uboat
Manning of the NFL eli
Movie studio areas sets
Mucky ground mire
Object of adoration idol
Part of OOO or XXX tac
Peepers, to poets orbs
Perched on atop
Polka band instrument tuba
Ponti who married Sophia Loren carlo
Postal clerk's call next
Prefix with gram or hertz kilo
Prepares, as clams steams
Rabbit punch target nape
Refuser's word wont
REM activity dream
Remove, as a new TV unbox
Respond to 'Give it up!' clap
Sent a dupe to, briefly cced
Shootout result, often goal
Sow's home sty
Spotify selection song
Staff sergeant's underling airman
Start of a Melville title moby
Steer clear of avoid
Synonym of the last parts of 17- and 66-Across and 10- and 30-Down line
Take one's sweet time dawdle
Take the 52-Down enter
Tech's client user
Tiny bit of progress atob
Triumphant cry tada
Tubular pasta penne
Two different-colored eyes, e.g trait
Up in years old
URL punctuation dots
Wall plaster stucco
Wound down ended
Wriggly swimmer eel
You can't deny it fact
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